i cook with love cooking, living, loving and having fun

The most important ingredient in cooking is the love - reading and listening again and again. But what can we understand at all?
My love for other people, to myself, to eat, to cook, to prepare food, to make this one and to take pictures is the whole blog.

Cooking can become a very personal way to happiness - a kind of meditation, fulfillment and happiness.
Often the simple activities bring the greatest joy. Our life has become much faster, more stressful and hectic in recent years. That is why it is so important for me to come to rest, to relax and to refuel. I personally completely forget the time in the kitchen. For me, cooking is not only passion, but also a way to show the brave people my love for them. I love to live together with my friend, the neighbors, the family, friends, guests with a delicious food and simply simply enjoy life away.
ich koche mit liebe3

This love is felt everywhere. I myself often feel connected with the whole world. It does not matter where I cook, at home, on the road, with friends and friends or in a rustic hut. The love of cooking and the food I celebrate every time anew. I love to cook in a relaxed, loving atmosphere with nice music and a glass of wine - in peace, without stress and without the hustle and bustle. ich koche mit liebe1
Most of all, I love cooking with my boyfriend, laughing together, telling each other stories. Likewise, I find it satisfying to cook with my godparents and friends. It reminds me every time at home, most of the time around Christmas or Easter, where we helped all the six siblings with the dad, the mama at cooking. Each of us has had its own task, whether mixing, peeling vegetables, chopping and cutting or dishes. Finally, at that time there was still no dishwasher. But this beautiful family atmosphere and warmth that you experienced through it, and the shared happiness when everything was nicely prepared and served - that's exactly what reminds me of it.
Many people say these are stereotypes, may be, but I love these stereotypes and I actually live them.
But also the cooking as a process for the preparation of food is celebrated with me. I like it when the cook looks beautiful and well-groomed, the cook is dressed beautifully with a dear Dirndl. All this belongs to my opinion also to the cooking - the appreciation of the food, in which one takes time to prepare it, also cooks and dresses beautifully. I find it a pity that many have a great Dirndl at home, but only once a year for an ecclesiastical holiday. I have also collected many different kitchen cuts over the course of time, which also underline my love for cooking. Also the eye eats finally.
ich koche mit liebe2Another expression of love is, of course, to plant your own kitchen herbs, to watch your own fruits and vegetables while growing, to bake yourself or to bake bread. Even the decoration, for example, with my own meadow flowers, belongs to me in love.
Of course, in the city it is already somewhat more difficult, but not impossible. When I was still living in the city, I already had my own herbs, but not in a garden, but in a pot on the balcony.
I believe food is one of the three basic needs of man, and we should begin to appreciate the food and the gifts of nature, not only in food but also in food. I have found my very own way, which not only filled me with happiness but all the people who see me.
ich koche mit liebe4

I am often asked by my neighbors what I am going to do, because I am dressed so beautifully. With love cooking, then is my answer. The best part of the whole - this my love seems to be contagious - also our neighbors have got infected - we get a small, nicely served sample or are invited to dinner, which again satisfies me with a lot of joy.
At this point a very warm thank you to Maria and Anton with David and Nicole for this great neighborhood.

Cooking, living, loving and having fun - there can not be a more beautiful life motto.