I serve with love love is in the detail and order of disorder

The food should first delight the eye, only then the stomach
If you are interested in cooking, I think you have to deal with the subject of serving and decorating.
These three points are unavoidably linked.
Decorating is one of my great passions.
I love for example all kinds of flowers. That's why I like to use their magic to decorate a table, combined with the charm of old belongings. On the combination it comes to me, on the special atmosphere, in the guests simply feel comfortable. I love these styles.
It is also an indispensable topic for photography. The right one in the light of the main course, flanked with a few deco articles, can give a photo or even the laid table a whole new flair. I've bought a huge arsenal of decorative items over the years. A small tip from me: not always have to decorate also expensive - mostly I use things, the other no longer need or I got hold of the flea market. Even basking is also creative.
I think the little things make it out. It's just like life, the little things matter.
Already a bouquet of fresh meadow flowers on the table, the afternoon coffee turn into a completely different light. But also the consciously selected cup, on certain occasions, makes the table appear much more harmonious.


Even just a croissant for breakfast, can be through you right combination of small accessories to a heavenly start to the day. Not just as on my example picture at the Adventszeit, but the whole year through can the food with decoration underline.
On my summer picture, however, you can see how the right choice of the coffee service can make a powerful impression. Also, it does not appear at first glance that the cake plate comes from another service. Since I have always liked to collect such things, I can go back to a large selection. However, I rarely collected the whole service, always I have of every sort at least two equal - for my friend and me.
Of course the selection of the tablecloth also plays an important role. I can not understand that some people this work is too cumbersome. It is much more inviting to eat the coffee or the food on a cleanly laid table. Finally, the food is much more valuable.

alue - that is exactly what makes a covered table. Loveless set plates, with untrained food on it, just do not invite, enjoyable to eat.
The food intake was and is necessary for us humans survival. If you can still make the whole thing in a stylish ambience, it is not only necessary to survive, but a pure pleasure. Even if the cooking time has been a bit muddled, nicely served, one presses there ever since one eye.

But also the provision of very simple food, such as a lubricated bread, should be given the necessary value. For me a beautifully served food is always also a small thank you to the up there, for this food. Exactly this value has unfortunately been lost in today's fast-paced world. Fastfood restaurants serve the food in cardboard boxes, a cutlery is anyway superfluous and if one sees with how much hectic it goes there - Pro meal. Not for me - apart from the fact that not only lacking food culture, but also a lack of nutritional value of food are a NOGO for me.
So in a hurry I can not be that I'm hungry. This is precisely the problem, why many people grow more in the breadth. But that's another topic.
To conclude this article, I have set up a photo for you to see what I am talking about. What you see in the picture is simply a smeared bread, but still so much more.

IMG 0439

This was once a breakfast egg, which I have served my friend so - painted on a slab of black bread, served in fresh hay.
You would like to sit down immediately and have breakfast, won´t you?