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About success, happyness and hay

About success, happyness and hay

Success is like hay.
A blade of grass is only a blade of grass. But many blades of grass, combined with some work, produce hay. This is also the case with success. Many small acts lead to success in combination with some diligence.

Golden light, long days and lukewarm nights make the month of August a very special. We still enjoy the last indifferent feeling of the summer. As far as the eye can see, we see golden corn, grasses, and the stumbling blocks. With their scent they ring the late summertime. Everything seems light and unashamed. I still use every opportunity to be outside, because one can observe, that the rich green of the meadows and fields becomes yellower and the sunlight gradually assumes a golden color. All these little hints mean that autumn will come soon, with its shorter days.Lucina auf wiese In the course of time, we have also adapted to the cycle of the season here on the mountain. It's all different than in a big city of hustle and bustle. A time jump into a true idyllic paradise - with an alpine birdwatching, a view of the mountains so beautiful, that one wonders whether it is not forbidden, as glorious as it is here: this divine rest, the lush green meadows, happy grazing cows, my own garden, with all the pretty plants and the dear peasant neighbors - the lived together. It is already a very special spot of earth - an overwhelming place of the idyll - the Haimingerberg. kuh"My God, you live in paradise!" Or "This is pure idyll!" call the visitors from the city, who are visiting us here on the mountain. I found my balance and my rest here, too. I am very grateful for this, even though I could not have imagined myself, as a maximum workaholic, at the beginning to live in the country. Certainly, here, too, there is a great deal of effort, which I could already experience on my own, but that is another story. How accurate it feels, if the alpine nature is more than a holiday, a familiar working field and a part of the year with a farming tradition, I ´ll tell you in my story about hay.lucina sonneMy mountain summer, full of excitement amidst, breathtaking nature, also offers me an ideal start to the day -with a sunrise breakfast. Over the past few years, I have learned to combine pleasure with work and not just blindly pursue the financial success. Life is simply too short to miss out on all its wonderful beauties. Moving to the secluded mountain village has helped me a lot to redefine success and happiness.Lucina mit Buch In the summer months, the alpine meadows are the most beautiful. It grows green and blossoms as far as the eye can see. The buzzing of the bees, the whirring of the bumblebees and other insects fill the fresh, spicy mountain air. But also this does not happen by itself. Here, too, something must be done - and it must be done together.wiesenEverything in life is a closed cycle. Here on the mountain are the miners, with their allies the bees, the landscape keepers:
Only regularly mowed meadows prevent the desertification and show up in the summer as a lush flower sea. Similar to the meadows, it is with success as well. Only a constant commitment and a combination of determination and discipline, allow one to reap the success.Lucina mit TuchThere is that moment that everyone of us knows and everyone loves. The moment when one's heart rises. As diverse as the people are, so different are the triggers of this moment. This is also shown by the countless examples on Facebook and Instagram, which are shared and posted every day thousands of times. A few of us succeed very well in opening the hearts of millions of people with a beautiful picture or video, even for a small, special moment.
Often, the thought of looking at people in the spotlight and making everything seem so simple that it is easy is also pressing. Sometimes it is so and then again not at all. The best example is blogs. Many want to be bloggers to reap reputations and make a lot of money. There are good examples of where it worked, but tens of thousands of examples that show that it is not easy. One has to be very strict and disciplined to be perceived as a blogger. Lucina HeumandelnSuccess is not a coincidence, but there are clear rules that must be observed.

What really success means?

Have you ever really seriously dealt with this subject?
Looking for an answer that is "the right one" for you?
Not the ones, who try to force our society, our beautiful high-gloss magazines and the supposedly successful people. Money, wealth, power, and most recently, even millions of followers and likes - many people regard this as a success now.
I define success for myself differently: For me, this is a total moron, which is sold to one of all as a success. Personally, I find it very unfortunate that most people succeed through e.g. an expensive car or the like.lucina vuitton It is even more sad that people promise themselves happiness and fulfillment precisely from these things. I can tell you from my own experiences, that this is definitely not. True success is not a measure of possession - real success does not cry, is soft, even inconspicuous.
Success is a process and not a goal. For me, it means being satisfied and proud of yourself. Success means for me to be happy, to take the moment and now consciously.lucina roger rankel Furthermore, it is for me that success means doing what makes you happy, not doing what others prescribe or expect. Success for me is something inner, not outer. Everything is transient, just like money and financial wealth. When you are successful in this way, people will always feel under pressure - not be free. Always striving to meet the other or the ideas of others - this is no success for me and certainly not worth it.

There is only one success - to live life according to your own ideas.
Christopher Morley

This year I participated for the first time at the Afba Foodblog Award Austria. And this i do very successful, although the winner is not yet established. Why successful? I have already been able to close some new contacts via the Afba site and meet nice people with whom I have already developed very interesting conversations. On September 2nd we will go to Vienna to participate in the shortlist raffle at MIELE CENTER WIEN. In this case, being successful means, that I have the time and financial freedom to travel to Vienna on this day, to meet new people and to be inspired by others. It is for me also success in line with this event to be able to spend a wonderful weekend with my friend in Vienna and to write about exactly these experiences then a new blog post. To win the award is a matter of happiness, not of success. To be lucky enough to have the blog as much as the jury likes it - an individual jury, with completely individual requirements and even more individual ideas of success - that is happiness. Even if one of us is allowed to earn the award as a sign of success, however, this success is also transient. Next year, there will be a new award with a new lucky winner.
For me, success is to be able to do that with the best health and to be able to do what I want and to fulfill myself with happiness and joy.Lucina mit Buch Hay is made up of hundreds of dried flowers and grasses - a diversity that only Mother Nature has and can offer. It is a good thing for me to be able to live a life with exactly the same diversity as hay - baking hundreds of wonderful moments, each one in itself different, which leads to satisfaction, joy and happiness.
For me, it is pure luxury, if my life is characterized by diversity. From my own experience, I can tell you, that a mega-success is not to be trapped in a particular world.Lucina model On the one hand, I was able to get to know the Bussiness world with all its riches, but I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of rural life. My true success, however, is to be able to find its way in both worlds at will and at any time, if one takes pleasure in the other world. The art of keeping oneself successfully in both contrary ways of life, is to remain faithful to oneself. Do not bend according to the ideas of others, but simply to be yourself and to remain yourselfe. lucina bussinessTo be successful in life means to grow and be open to me in his personality as well. Open to other people, open towards other ways of life. The road to success is often a rocky, yes often stand in an almost insurmountable rock in the way. However growing at his own personality means at the same time must fail. Because only through our setbacks do we learn people. To be successful also means to go further, where the unsuccessful has long given up.
If someone would ask me, what tip I have to lead a happy, satisfied life, I would say:

Live a life as varied as hay!
Be open to new things and do not forget yourselfe - do not strive to have money like hay!

Success and money is not the same.
Money is only an object of use and perishable - happy moments, on the other hand, remain forever - at least as a memory.

And what does the word success mean to you?

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