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Who ist Lucina Cucina?
My name is Lucia Plankova alias Lucina. is my realm where I experience my passions cooking and photography, writing about things I love, who move me, meet me, deal with me, inspire me and inspire me in a very special way.
My blog is still quite, very fresh - it exists since 3.4.2017 and I run it with my friend. We love to live and explore the world and of course also to eat. Our blog is very versatile and interesting, as are our lives and our likes. I was always a passionate, imaginative, creative person who was interested in everything. The joy of contact and my way of being cosmopolitan are also reflected in my recipes.

lucina1Originally, I come from Slovakia from a very small town called Krasno (which means "pretty"). I've always been a city man, I've lived in many different big cities, and I've had a lot of experience. A long time ago I studied at the Pedagogical and Social Academy and my dream was always to be a doctor for people. That is why I have strictly pursued my goal and I have emigrated to Innsbruck / Austria to study medicine there. At the beginning I worked as a Slovak child girl without a knowledge of German, in order to be able to speak German.
However, unlike planned, life had provided for me a different way.
lucina3To put it briefly: I have for a time led a small beauty & health center in the old town of Innsbruck, which gave me the wonderful feeling of being happy and fulfilled ... This happiness was not long-lasting. Through two heavy destiny hits changed everything in my life (the whole story you can shortly read in my book ;-)).
Now I live not in the city, but in a small rural hamlet consisting of just 5 houses in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains at 1400 meters above sea level. The stark contrast to before. My brother said to me when he visited me, I had created my own fairy tale, with me as a country princess, and nature as a kingdom. The calm, the country life, the animal world, the view to the valley, the great, peasant neighbors ...... all this I would not miss any more.

What ist
gemeinsamI am an enthusiastic hobby cook and share, together with my friend, the love for cooking, eating and photographing. We love fresh, high quality food and good homemade food. We appreciate the hospitality and the jointly celebrated food and drink culture. Here you can find our recipe creations, illustrated with many photos. Are you also an enthusiast who loves to experiment, a notorious health and well-being or a person who loves good food? Then we would be happy if you shared your passion for good food with us.
Some of our recipes are traditional dishes. But we also like to be creative and cook with what is just there. Our recipes should serve as inspiration and should not be strictly adhered to.

"Creativity and fun in the kitchen is the most important"

I would like to motivate and inspire my readers, instead of giving them fixed guidelines. Give yourself enough room to vary the recipes according to your own ideas, according to your own taste - this blog should motivate you.
I also tackle topics about fruits & vegetables, cooking, baking, drinks, spices. An important aspect for me is the origin of the food. BIO does not have to be, the regionality is clearly for me. In the case of animal food such as eggs, milk and meat, however, I only buy organic food. I love being creative in the kitchen, trying out new recipes or creating ones. My recipes are usually uncomplicated and easy to copy. Simple recipes with refined whistle.

Give me Feedback!brieftaube
I am very important to the contact with my readers and other bloggers. I especially like that my readership is already very international. That is exactly why there are two languages on my blog - you can always choose between German and English. The international, English site is intended for our foreign friends.
Since dualingualism also means dopple expenditure, I ask you for understanding if your mail is not replied promptly.
I personally edit every mail. That's why it can take a while longer for your personal Lucina Cucina Brieftaube to find your way to you. 
A journey of discovery for us, with the aim of stimulating all the senses,
to jointly establish,
that cooking can be really fun and happy.

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