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Relaxing in the garden – a timeout with „cow picknick“

The food in the open air is in my opinion still one of the most beautiful sensory pleasures. At the weekend, it was once again a great opportunity to celebrate this.

Our city friends made a jaunt with their new car and came to visit us, excited by my constant raving about our country and mountain life. In the current nice weather, it would have been a shame to hide in the living room. corvetta yellov tirol haimingerberg tirol

Who needs a room if you have a garden?

Here you can sit comfortably on the blanket in front of the house and enjoy the scent of freshly mown grass, admire the majestic mountains, find picturesque corners, discover the fascinating and inspiring world of flower meadows and the fragrant coffee in this wonderful, paradisiacal sight offer the perfect Tyrolean mountain scenery.haimingerberg hausegg ferienwohnungen lucinaslife lucinacucina tirol landleben And if one is by the way then, you can walk barefoot over grass, look at the shadow play of the leaves and perceive the spicy scent of the meadows and my garden flowers.tirol landleben schmetterling alium garten violetteblume
As typical as I am, I wanted to prepare special moments and culinary delights in our Alpine world. To be honest, the words "special" and "spoil" always play a big role for me. To make others happy and to give them pleasure, to surprise people nicely - that's what I love. For some it may be the biggest thing to be gifted, but not only is it nice to get something. It is also very fulfilling to give something. In any case, it makes me very happy. Yes, reading it right - giving presents and helping others makes me happy. It just feels great to me when I see the joy in the eyes of my counterpart. For that I always think of something original and creative.
But now I wanted to prepare a nice break for my friends - farming and mountain life to my taste.tirol landleben tyrol haimingerberg hausegg kuh kuhflecken ferienwohnung The cows walked right in front of my nose over the luscious green - this was my inspiration, because there was a chocolate cow-cake with fresh milk from our neighbors. Placed on a cowhide rug, the self-made food message made cow-cake even more, right?kuhkuchen kuhfleckenkuchen gartenpicknick lucinacucina I find this a pampering and special kind of picnic to welcome my guests in my world. A special blend that would make everyone happy and maybe even feel like a small, unforgettable holiday in the mountains. To forget the world for a while, to be only with yourself and nature - that was my goal. So together we could let our hearts beat faster in an inexhaustible source of healing nature touch, cozy get-together and make us smile. Above all, this picnic in nature reminded us of what is really important in life: down-to-earthness, humanity and cordiality. The living nature and the beauty of the garden took our breath away and let us forget our worries for a while.garten landleben beetanlegen margariten gartedesign All our senses were embraced and with a childlike amazement our friends discover how intensively, for example, a home-grown radish can taste, how flowers of lavender smell and how the leaves of the cherry tree can roar wonderfully when the wind passes through. It was the sum of these small, magical moments with the experience of new impressions that made our friends from the city happy in a very special way, and with me as well.
To give them this experience, I searched the day before their arrival, the optimal, cozy place in the garden to place our cow carpet in the grass.IMG 1371 To make it really cozy, I still brought lanterns and several pillows from my closet.IMG 1372 The cow cake was ready and waiting in the fridge to be served.kuhkuchen kuhfleckenkuchen lucinacucina landrezpt landkuchen landleben kuh kuhgeschirr Carefully I wondered what else was to be considered. Trifles such as missing napkins can really spoil such a picnic pleasure. I wanted to have it stylish, nice and comfortable and above all I did not want to jump into the house every 5 minutes, but I wanted to enjoy every minute with our friends. After all, we do not see each other that often and there is nothing more disturbing than a host who is constantly on the move.gartenpicknick lucinacucina lucinaslife picknick kuhkuchen Therefore, preparation was already half the battle for a successful time. I took everything out: glasses, plates, cutlery, napkins, sugar bowl, decoration ... even sunscreen and mosquito repellent was packed by me in a backpack. Of course, the food, the nature and the common discussions were the focus, but in between we could also play, read or have a nap. So I also packed a few magazines and a badminton game, which should sweeten the idleness. Under no circumstances was a tablecloth missing for our patio table.kuhkuchen gartenpicknick lucinacucina landleben tirol kuhfleckenkuchen
Because our picnic took place in the garden, a picnic bag or a traditional picnic basket rounded off my garden scene. He was not only a real eye-catcher, but incidentally also super handy to stow everything.

Why I love a picnic in the garden

An advantage of having such a picnic in the garden is that you can just take the food that I prepared in the house into the garden. You do not need tens of different cans to stow. But the best of our garden is: it offers a unique setting with breathtaking mountains and meadows right in front of our noses.haimingerberg hausegg ferienwohnungen tirol tyrol sonnenaufgang berge landleben After a short hike, which stimulates the appetite, you can return and spoil your palate in the open air. Such a picnic is implemented quickly, super idyllic and simply relaxing. Sounds really seductive, right?kuhpicknick kuhkuchen gartenpicknick picknick tirol haimingerber lucinacucina lucinaslife There is nothing better for me than to enjoy the lovingly prepared food while the sunbeams tickle the tips of my nose and surround yourself with your loved ones, informally in this paradisiacal nature, my little fairytale world.
As you can see, it does not always have to be a holiday in the distance to escape from everyday life for a while. Often a few steps across the lawn, a blanket, a homemade cake and good friends are enough to have a personal break and enjoy a little bit of joie de vivre. And if you do not have a garden at your disposal, you can be creative, talk to farmers and ask in which meadow you are allowed to settle. Or walk in a park, or to a lake or a mountain --- there are many, many possibilities. I hope I could inspire you a bit with the insight in my private life. If you also like picnics I would be very happy about your tips and inspirations.

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