christmas bakery baking in the advent - the time full of fragrances of cinnamon, vanilla & brioche

Cinnamon stars with pistachios

A Christmas biscuit classic, reinterpreted, that you can easily bake at home with my step-by-step tutorial.

Come home - get a cinnamon star ...!

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It's a classic december day. Outside, the sleet whips against the windows and inside, I light the first candle on our Advent wreath together with Christian. It smells wonderful like fir green. It is the desire to drink punch and something nice to wake in me. Let's put together a classic Christmas bakery today on this December day.
Cinnamon stars with pistachios - The classic reinterpreted. In order to create a little change to the traditional cinnamon stars, this year I will pepper my with pistachios.
There is nothing better for me than to stir a dough, to bake together with the partner, to laugh together and make it comfortable at home. Did I ever mention that I love Christmas? 1 zimtsterne mit pistazien lucina cucina

With these cinnamon stars with pistachios, I bake a little luck and a healthy world today.
So apron on and off you go - of course matching this season an apron with cute Christmas theme. In the kitchen too, styling is not just a meal on the plate, but also a chef's outfit. It is important to me that the overall package is correct. Cooking and baking is simply more for me. It is seeing, feeling, tasting and of course listening. For Christmas songs, the cookies just bake much more relaxed.
Music on and off you go.

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  for the dough:
ca. 220 gr
grounded almond
150 gr
grounded pistachios
2 TL
cinnamon powder
2 TL
  for the white mass:
1 Stück
BIO lemon
3 Stück
egg whites
1 Prise
250 gr
powdered sugar
 25 gr
Dr.Oetker pistachios grounded
  powdered sugar to roll the dough
  also you need:
  baking sheet
  silicon dough roller
  silicon baking ground
  silicon baking paper
  kitchen brush
  tan pot
  mixing bowl
  Nutribullet or another cutter
  lemon grater
  lemon press
 Lucina´s tips:

for the dough:
The dough for the cinnamon star with pistachio recipe can be processed immediately.
If you cool it for half an hour before rolling it out, it will be easier to roll out and prick it out.

for cutting out:
To prevent the dough from sticking to the cookie cutters, dip them in powdered sugar in between. Tap off excess sugars again and again.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1* Pistachios are very special and quite expensive.
You can also buy roasted, unsalted shelled pistachios (for example Hofer / Aldi), break them up and mix them.
That's the much cheaper option than they've already been peeled to buy. *
Tip in advance: Beat the snow correctly: the smallest impurities destroy the binding properties of the proteins contained in the egg white.
The egg whites will not be determined. Therefore you must separate the eggs absolutely clean from each other, there must be no traces of egg yolk in the egg white.
The bowl in which you hit ice snow must be absolutely fat-free and clean.
The egg whisk is ready, if you can turn the bowl over carefully and the snow sticks in there.

Nummer 2Wash lemon warm, dry, rub off skin - squeeze the juice and set aside.

Nummer 3Beat 3 egg whites and 1 pinch of salt with the whisk of the mixer until creamy.
Let the icing sugar trickle in gradually.
To spread the stars, remove about 8 tablespoons of egg whites and set aside, for example. Cover in a bowl with cling film and cool.

Nummer 4Core the pistachios and grind them in the Nutribullet or another crusher.
Watch out! Not too long, otherwise a pistachio paste is produced!
Put the ground almonds, ground pistachios and cinnamon in a bowl and mix.
Add the amaretto, lemon juice and the peel and egg whites and mix everything to a smooth dough.
If the dough is too moist, add some ground almonds and pistachios.

Nummer 5Preheat the oven (electric stove: 150 ° C / circulating air: 125 ° C).
The dough on a powdered sugar-coated work surface, I use a silicone pad,
or roll out between two layers of cling film / baking paper ½ - 1 cm thick and cut out about 50 cinnamon stars.
Always knead the dough pieces, roll out and cut out.
Place the cinnamon stars on a silicone baking mat or plain baking paper on a baking tray.2 zimtsterne mit pistazien

Nummer 6Brush the cinnamon stars with the egg yolk masses with a kitchen brush, a small spoon or a spray sack.
Sprinkle with chopped pistachios and bake the cookies one after the other in a hot oven until golden brown for about 15-20 minutes.
Then remove and let cool.

Put the cinnamon stars in a cookie tin together with an apple piece.
So they last 2-3 weeks.3 zimtsterne mit pistazien lucina cucina4 zimtsterne mit pistazien lucina cucina

If you liked my recipe and pictures, I would appreciate your feedback and comments.
Have fun baking.

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