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Lucina´s christmas eggnogg

How do you celebrate Christmas in America?
In any case, the famous Eggnog - an egg punch is not missing.

So tastes X-MAS - Eggnogg !

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Christmas cult drink Eggnog - a sweet, creamy delicacy and a great change from mulled wine.
Whether drunk straight, at Christmas or Easter, in coffee or as an addition to pies - it's just heavenly good.
A pleasure-Hupferl and popular Christmas hit, not only in America.
In the morning and at noon, in the evening and at night, the Eggnog is the best currency for Advent and Christmas.

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8 pieces
BIO egg yolks
400 ml
50 ml
360 gr
sweetened condensed milk
80 gr
brown sugar
 1 splash
Dr.Oetker vanilla paste
 1 piece knife tip of ground mashed nutmeg
1 piece knife tip of grounded cinnamon
250 ml rum or brandy
  also you need:
  bottles to fill in
 Lucina´s tips:

Try a shot of the liqueur over vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries. Never hit the eggs on direct fire. Also watch over the water bath so that the eggs are not too hot - always stir / beat hard. Keep the cream and condensed milk within reach.

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I did it that way:

Nummer 1Put the egg yolk in a metal bowl, mix with sugar and vanilla paste and beat until fluffy over a boiling water bath.
then gently stir in half of the cream and then stir in the condensed milk.
As soon as the mass has reached a creamy consistency, stir in the remaining cream, mix well with a creamy mixture,
Remove the bowl from the heat and stir in the rum.
Season with cinnamon and nutmeg.
I mixed it all up in the Nutribullet - but this is not really necessary.
Allow to cool for about 3 hours before bottling.1 eggnog
2 eggnog lucina cucina eierlikoer3 eggnog eierlikoer lucina cucina4 eggnog eierlikoer lucina cucina

Have fun with this eggnogg.

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