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Homemade soup noodles

Home-made, fresh noodles, without machine production make every cook and every cook proud and taste incomparably better than bought.
Very simple - homemade. How, I'll show you in this recipe

Curtain up for pure noodle happiness - homemade vermicelli!

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Mr. C. has been in bed with fever for a few days already. I take care of him as much as possible. So I decided to cook him a fortifying chicken soup. Of course, the homemade vermicelli may not be missing. And this is what it's all about today.
The true magic of noodles is that you can invent something new with them every day. My mom and grandma were real world champions in that. Pasta noodles in the soup, the next day from the other noodles made of poppy noodles, noodles with Nesquik and butter, with pots and ground nuts or just pasta with butter and milk. There were countless variations for me in my childhood. Meanwhile, I have also a little extended the range on noodles as a muffin, as a casserole or as an addition to the salad. One of the best recipes of our family is the chicken soup or noodle soup. Already as children we loved this soup intimately. When I watched my grandma, (who was spending a lot of time as a child because my parents' house is right next door), or watched my mom making homemade vermicelli, it was pure magic for me. I loved seeing flour, eggs that Mama had always brought fresh from our own chickens, a bit of salt and some water as wonderful as noodles. For a long time, I did not know the luxury of buying noodles in a shop. These things were always made by us. Conversely, I have only been able to appreciate it for a few years now, how delicious and tasty home-made, fresh pasta can be. I remember so well when I was in Slovakia with Christian for the first time and he got our delicious chicken soup for dinner at our home for the first time. Once with my mom and another time with my grandma. Both tasted very good and he also said that these soups are so different from anything he had eaten in chicken soup. Well, my mom and my grandma know no soup cubes, always cook chicken soup of their own chicken and it is a matter of course for both, that the noodles for the chicken soup are freshly prepared by hand - to both a pinch of love for cooking and therefore the soups taste so good too. I am very glad that I was passed on this traditional production of noodles. My sister and I will also look to share this knowledge with our children again. In this sense - thank you mom and thank you grandma. There are several different noodle recipes in our family that I will introduce to you one by one on my blog.
Let's start with the simplest basic recipe. Exactly in this simplicity lies the secret of the delicious noodles buried. By the way: in Slovakia hot vermicelli is called "Rezance".omi lucina cucina hausgemachte suppennudelnlucina cucina


haube en

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300 gr
half-gripped or grippy flour
1 piece
3 pieces
egg yolk
1/2 TL
salt (I use my herbal salt)
  water as needed
  also you need:
  rolling pin
  oneway gloves
  kitchen scale
  long sharp knife
 Lucina´s tips:
You can also cut the noodles with scissors, dipping the blades of the scissors into flour again and again.
Optionally, when rolling dough, a large pasta roll or, even better, a large, long wooden stick, e.g. from the hardware store.
gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1For the pasta dough, sift the flour on a work surface and form a hollow in the middle.
Put the egg yolks and the egg in the trough.
Then add the salt.
Using a fork, whisk the egg yolk and egg together with the flour in the dish until a thick slurry is formed.
Gradually knead the flour with the hands from outside to inside to the yolks.
If necessary, add some water.
Knead everything to a smooth, not too firm dough.
That takes at least ten minutes.
Finally, the dough should no longer stick to the hands.

Nummer 2Wrap the dough in cling film and allow to rest for one hour in the refrigerator.
Dust the work surface and dough properly with the flour.
I wrap my rolling pin in cling film, because my silicone gripper has not arrived yet.
Then it can be rolled out a millimeter with the Nudelwalker.
Approximately Let the dough "air-dry" for 15 minutes and then cut into 5 to 6 centimeter wide sheets.

Nummer 3Loosely overlay the webs without pressing on the dough.
Use a very sharp, big knife and cut as fine noodles as possible.
Carefully disassemble the vermicelli with your fingers.
Let it dry for a few hours on a baking sheet or baking paper or prepare it immediately.
I always make several noodles, the other I store in a tin can and keep them for the next soup.
Put the noodle into boiling water as usual, bring to the boil and simmer for about 6-10 minutes.1 hausgemachte suppennudeln2 hausgemachte suppennudeln lucina cucina

If you liked my recipe and pictures, I would appreciate your feedback and comments.
Have fun while copying.

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