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Irish Coffee Cream

Irish Coffee Cream

Coffee on bread? Yes, that's it!
Do you also want to enjoy your coffee differently and are now looking for refined coffee recipes? Then you are right here.

Hello my dears. I can present you today my first recipe online - my Irish Coffee cream for boiling.
It is an extraordinary kind of coffee. The consistency is light-bodied but also creamy and is perfect as a bread spread or enriching addition to vanilla ice cream, pudding, cakes and other desserts. The jelly cream is characterized by a pleasantly subtle sweetness that combines the harmonious aromas of coffee, chocolate, bourbon whiskey, vanilla and cream. For coffee lovers, it is a revelation and for supporters of sweet spreads a more than interesting alternative.
Please keep it cool after opening.
This Irish Coffee Ceme can be enjoyed as a thin spread for figurative people, but you can also spoon out all the glass at once. However, an extensive forest run certainly does not hurt ...

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  ground coffee / coffee powder
(Strength according to taste. Pay attention to quality.)
 1 l
 1 piece
juice of a lemon
 25 gr
Gelfix Super 3:1
 200 ml
liquid cream
100 gr
Lindt Lindor dark chocolate
100 gr
Schogetten Let`s Cake! Chocolate Muffin
100 gr dark cooking chocolate
4 gr
 50 gr
 50 ml Whiskey (according to your taste)
175 gr
brown sugar
175 gr white sugar
 1 piece
vanilla bean
2 pieces
leaf of gelatin (as required)
1/2 TL
1 pack
Dr.Oetker Finesse Bourbon Vanille Aroma
coffee beans als decoration
some Twist Off glases
  TL means teaspoon
  L means liter
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 Lucina´s tips:

Always make a gelling test before filling your food into jars.
(Place 1 to 2 tsp of the finished hot food on a plate and allow to cool)
If the gel does not solidify, boil and stir for a few minutes (even before mixing cream mixture) or put in 2-3 sheets of gelatine as described.
Since cream is used, please store it in a cool place and use it quickly!


gutes gelingen lucina en


I did it that way:

Nummer 1Brush an espresso filter coffee from the water and the coffee powder (the amount of the coffee powder must match the own coffee taste). Pour the finished brewed coffee into a large saucepan and allow to cool.Nummer 2Press the lemon and set the juice aside.Nummer 3Mix gelfix with sugar.Nummer 4In the meantime heat the coffee in the pot, add the gelling sugar and the lemon juice as well as the slit vanilla bar, vanilla flavor, and cardamom and stir it.
Bring it to boil.
Nummer 5Over a water bath melt the chocolate, add the cream and let the chocolate dissolve completely.
Once the chocolate has melted, mix the 2 leaves of softened gelatin until complete dissolution.
Nummer 6Coffee 8 minutes bubbly boil (make the gelling test - if the food is not the desired consistency and still be too liquid, then just mix 4g of pectin with 50g of sugar and boil for another 3-5 minutes) add remaining 1 minute chocolate cream mixture , (Do not forget to stir the whole time)
that means 7 minutes just boil coffee, add in the last minute chocolate cream mixture. Remove the vanilla dish.
Nummer 7Remove the pot from the hotplate and mix the whiskey.
Nummer 8With the help of a hopper fill straight into prepared glasses (I have given in each glass as decoration and for more aroma still 3 whole coffee beans) .
Close it with twist-off screws and leave it on the covers for about 5 minutes. Then turn the glasses over again.
After cooling, please store in a cool place, since cream is used.
(Shelf life is approx. 3 weeks)

UNIVERSALTOPF 10L WMF Marmeladentrichter PEKTIN PULVER 100g Dr. Oetker Gelfix Super, 8er Pack 18 Sturzgläser 230 ml Marmeladengläser Einmachgläser Einweckgläser



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