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Blogger Patricia Abenteuerkekserl & Erzherzog Johann on my table

Blogger Patricia Abenteuerkekserl & Erzherzog Johann on my table


Some time ago I started to follow  a blogger named Abenteuerkekserl on Instagram.

As inquisitive as I am, I immediately discovered that she also runs a food blog, but not only. You will also find many other topics such as Home-made and worth knowing.1 abenteuerkekserl patricia lutz roppen tirol foodblogger

A click on the link in her Instagram profile and I was already on her blog. I browsed pretty much every page. Although I leave that blogger comes from Tyrol - but thought nothing more about it. Especially after my last disappointment with a food blogger from Innsbruck, whose name I do not want to mention here, I became cautious with my spontaneity and openness. This blogger just wanted me to start her own cooking classes. Anyone who has followed me for some time knows that interpersonal matters are very important to me. I am very open to new things, but I do not like these types of marketing strategies. Since the interpersonal is lost completely and the contact comes about only for money. But yes, each of us is different and everyone pursues different interests. To each his own. It's just a shame how today's society is developing - but that's another topic.

So I was all the more pleased that it was very different with Patricia. All the nice news on Instagram and above all her openness spoke to me enormously. Already while writing with her I felt comfortable. Actually, you realize it anyway pretty fast, if something is being made. In a story by Patricia I leave "Roppen" - this is a community not even 15 minutes away from me. Woow. Since it is only a stone's throw away from the Haimingerberg, I immediately wrote her a message. In fact - she comes from Roppen in Tyrol. Giant friends got ready when I found out. Finally - a food blogger, so nice and close to me. Certainly - I was already able to get to know several nice and open food bloggers and food bloggers (eg the lovely Diana from or the Swiss Lucia from luciasfoodn_things or the Sabrina from sabrinakocht and many, many others) but unfortunately they are all too much far from me, to work together on some projects, to meet each other and to benefit from the mutual experiences. Of course, we immediately exchanged our telephone numbers and both let us hint that we would have to meet. It took a while, but now, when I came back from the Sporthotel Silvretta, it was time.2 lucinacucina lucinaslife ostern besuch haimingerbergBefore, I spent a very spontaneous, fantastic evening with my husband with our Russian guest Eugen. Since we got donated by Eugen (otztaler on Instagram) cheese, I had also bought a lot of cheese actually for him, but which remained to me, I spontaneously invited Patricia for the next day on a glass of wine and a cheese platter. This is how our first telephone call came to be. We arranged a joint meeting with her and her friend for the next day.

That evening I went to bed very excited and curious. Out of pure joy about her commitment, I set off on Saturday to find a suitable glass of wine.

For a cultivated wine culture, I am interested since one of my patients has brought me a lot about wine. But at this point I would like to say that I'm not really a connoisseur or a specialist - it's just a topic that interests me.3 lucinacucina faustoghenda vine wein rose JosefDockner maranolagunare

Wine possesses something alive, which, like humans, changes several times in the course of time: in his youth he is often unpolished and cocky, he still lacks the necessary harmony. As he grows older, however, he gains strength and maturity. The wine then reaches a tasty balance. I like it when good food and good wine come together to form a symbiosis. Not every expensive wine is really good and not every cheaper wine is bad. I also like to try new things - I'm open to just about anything new.

The look of the bottle plays a role in the selection for me - the eye eats or drinks well known. For some very good wines, I often wonder if winegrowers do not know that. The bottle shape, the color, the label and various information about the winery on the bottle - which, unfortunately, are too rare are also playing an important role for me. Not every one of us knows what kind of wine is suitable and how best to combine it with which food and how to serve it properly. Hardly any other stimulant is as versatile as the wine. I will go into this topic in a separate post.

I was allowed to acquire my knowledge from a noble, elderly patient and of course I also got enough readership.

4 lucinacucina faustoghenda wein vino weinschule maranolagunare But how much can I tell you? How good a wine is depends on how it compares to certain standards that are tied to terminology that is neither measurable nor objectively ascertainable. And above all, you should never forget - each and every one of us has a different feeling.
Since I have no real wine shop nearby and Hofer also has a very good selection of delicious wines, I quickly found what I wanted on the wine rack. I discovered an Italian wine called "San Zenone Tre Venezie Bianco", which was the first to pass my visual inspection. Although I could not make a quality judgment alone, but, the first impression affects the expectations of the tasting. Then I leave the great text on the back label and it was decided.5 lucinacucina wein sanzenone tre venezie bianco hofer spar vinothek tirol welschriesling steiermark erzherzogjohannIn the spar, however, it was a real agony of choice for me with so much good assortment .... After a very long time I decided for the "Steirer" "Archduke Johann" because the etiquette appealed to me very well for my idea with fresh fragrant hay and straw at the table. IMG 4447 16 haimingerberg lucinacucina kaffee bauern landleben familiePrantlA small, practical trailer with the hashtag #trinksteirisch made it possible for me to inform myself about this Austrian wine. I like doing that very much - I find it very exciting to be able to learn more about the production and the product, as well as about the people behind it. I grabbed a good salmon, fresh walnut and olive root bread, as well as capers and olives and hurried after shopping to my neighbor Maria for straw and hay. Maria was very surprised "What did you come up with again? You probably will not serve straw to your guests! "She quickly invited me to a cup of coffee on her house bench and we refueled the so pleasantly shining sun.We gasped the time and I really had my hands full to make it in time for the arrival of my guests. Of course it did not work out again. I was about to decorate the table with fragrant straw and hay - when Patricia and her friend Jürgen rang the doorbell. No time to prepare, oh what the hell - even with the apron around, I ran to meet them excitedly to open the door. It was such a nice get-together. I even got presents and what for what. What sweet and even self-bred family Köll Edelbrand Williams. Woow - at this point, thanks for the many souvenirs.7 lucinacucina ostern haimingerberg köll schnapps roppen osterntisch rustic bauerntisch8 lucinacucina haimingerberg hausegg osterntisch osterhase ostern abenteuerkekserl wein erzherzogjohann steiermark kaeseplatte jausebrettl jausePatricia, Jürgen and Mr. C. spent some time together on the balcony, enjoyed the beautiful sunbeams and talked together, while I still decorated the table and the cheese plate.
I heard them talking and laughing, that relaxed me.
It was such a successful evening. Both are very personable, we talked about everything - we were never bored. Actually, I felt we could talk to them for the next three days and enjoy the time together.12 lucinacucina ostern tirol chalet osterntisch osterbrunch haimingerberg hausegg ostereier Alie Kruse Kolk Landleben country
Unfortunately, it occurred to me only too late to take a joint photo of us. I think they were all pretty tired and of course we had a few glasses of wine inside.
Anyway, I was very happy to meet the two. I am almost sure that Patricia could and will be the source of many interesting projects in the future - at least I hope so.9 lucinacucina abenteuerkekserl patricia lutz roppen haimingerberg foodblogger bauerntisch ostern gastgeber besuch tischdekorieren jause brettljauseThe wine has also done well. The "San Zenone Tre Venezie Bianco" smelled and tasted clean, a little like ripe apple and fresh herb meadows, quite full-bodied, but the wine has a crunchy acidity. But that does not matter, if you're a little tricky and you cool it really cool, it tastes perfect - even full-bodied I think.
The second choice, my Archduke Johann Welschriesling?
Welschriesling is a late-ripening white grape variety and it is the second most important white grape in Austria. A very versatile wine. It tastes sparkling - fresh, has a light structure, floral-fruity aromas, delicately scented, an elegant acidity, slender and sweet-sour with some rustic acid piquancy, which, however, perfectly matched my exquisite cheese, salami selection. I like to combine the light, the modern with the rustic-peasant in food as well as in interior design and in my wardrobe. Something special - but that's exactly what makes me currently.10 lucinacucina hausegg haimingerberg bauern landleben stroh heu aufrauemen abenteuerkekserl moebelix hirsch hirschschrank chalet rustic rustikalA really great evening and I'm looking forward to the next time. We sat until 23:30, ate, drank and talked. This great feeling that remains after such a successful evening - I think it's so wonderful - do you know it too?
Besides, I also learned a lot of new things again. I say yes: "Every single person is an enrichment" you can learn so much from each other. After the farewell, the most important things were stowed in the fridge and then we fell into bed. This morning Mr C. woke me up very tenderly - the breakfast was already waiting for me and still this blissful feeling after a great evening.11 lucinacucina haimingerberg hausegg ostern fruehstueck osternbrunch tischdekorieren ferienwohnung Now only tidy up and then off to the outside - soak up the sun.
I am incredibly happy - finally I know someone very likeable in Tyrol who shares my passion for blogging, cooking and baking.


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