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Franziscan bread from Rom

Franziscan bread from Rom

Today there is a Vatican Bread!
By chance I came to it and was very happy because I did not know such a thing.

It's a beautiful winter's day, the sun is shining and I'm cleaning up the apartment when suddenly the bell breaks loudly my upkeep music. Since the postman was already there today, I am surprised to pick up the receiver of the intercom and wait to see who will answer.
"Luci, come down, i have something special for you" calls my dear neighbor Maria.maria"Wait Maria, I'll open the door for you, come on for a coffee," I reply.
"No Luci, come you downstairs, I have to cook for David´s workers".
I scurry down the stairs to the front door and see that Maria is standing in front of the door with a bag. We greet each other and Maria removes a plastic box and a piece of paper from the bag. "Do you know that?" She asks me. I look at her in surprise, take the note and read: Franciscan bread from Rome. Completely astonished and a little uncertain I say to her: No Maria, what is it?
Then Maria tells me that this is a lucky bread from the Vatican, that you can only bake once in a lifetime. He who bakes, he can wish for something and the bread brings him luck.
WOW I think, a very nice thought. As Maria is in a hurry to cook for her son's workers, I grab the dough and thank them a thousand times. Immediately I run it into my kitchen. I'm so mad that I got this dough of all people. I love very much such customs.
franz1So I came to my Franciscan bread. I loved my Francis from the beginning, fed him, cared for him and watched him every day as he changed and grew. On a Friday I then fed him the last time and for baking, I had to divide the dough into four equal parts and give three of them to three persons to give away. A really nice idea that several of this happiness can enjoy themselves.
So I should give away three parts of the dough, but to whom? Here on the mountain, with our five neighbors, everyone had already baked this bread.
Shortly thought of it then came to me the brilliant idea: I give away the Franciscan bread to Foodblogger! Immediately, some food blog colleagues went through my head. In retrospect, I have to say that this was a very difficult idea. I wrote some foodbloggers on Instagram. Then there was also disappointment with me, because many did not even answer, even though they had seen my message. You have to know, I just wrote to them that they get a surprise and that they are nice enough to send me their address.
So really people, what's going on in this world? Are they maybe afraid, you send them something evil? Or do you write the privacy so big? Then some of you should not be represented on the net, are you not? In any case, I was very disappointed, because so much character that you write someone an answer, I would have expected from these people already. But as you can see, clearly wrong.
But fortunately, there are also very nice and extremely friendly bloggers. The lovely Diana from, whom I had the chance to meet personally at the Afba, promised me immediately - that was a great pleasure for me. Also Sabrina von sabrinakocht, whom I wanted to meet in person for a long time (now this wish has come true in less than 2 weeks, how it came to that you can read in my Bakemycake report) has agreed immediately. I also wanted to personally meet Rebecca from sansanrebecca for a coffee, because she lives not far away, but unfortunately it has not gone out yet. All the more I was pleased that she has agreed immediately.geschenke geschenke1So I prepared 3 packets with the three pieces of dough. I filled the parcels with a few trifles such as my home-made mountain salt, napkins, candles, lighters, and a miraculous Christmas ball - bought to give them pleasure and shorten their time until the Francis bread was ready. I tried to pack everything nicely, so that they would have a small joy already at takeover from the post office. On this day everything was very stressful with us - we had to tear down to Abtenau, but before that had to go to the post office, to deliver my packages. The bad surprise was waiting for me at the post office. I knew about this EMS service, where you can send parcels to the recipient within 24 hours. I had already done often. But that was extra for me a Saturday delivery surcharge was charged, was new to me. It almost knocked me out of my shoes and socks when the postman charged me 73.50 euros. If this was not a dough, I would never do so, but I was promised that all three would hold their packages by no later than 12 noon the following day.
Likewise, I have written it to all three girls as well. "At the latest you have the package with you at 12 o'clock."
The second big post disappointment followed then the next day. Rebecca waited until 15:30 for her show and since everyone has their plans, it's just not that you have until infinite time. Of course, a very stupid situation for me, since I said at 12 they are there. At absolutely each of them the package came much later than 12 o'clock. And with Diana's package even the beautiful white bear has arrived broken. I was very sad about that. But since these packages are also insured, I will still complain to the post office, let's see what happens. I will keep you informed until then, I can not recommend this expensive EMS service to anyone.
In any case, I was very happy that dear Diana has sent me photos of her bread and has been waiting all the time for my contribution so that they can link me.
For anyone who finds this baking idea great for the enjoyment, here I link the recipe for the dough to start a baking gift.franziskusbrot1

Of course, I do not want to deprive you of the other Franciscan loaves of my blogger colleagues Sabrina and Diana. As you can see, this Franziskusbrot can do something, the dough has easily survived the postal journey to Upper Austria and Vienna.
I would like to say a special thanks to dear Diana. She was so nice and has been waiting with her mail so we can link. Thank you Diana, very dear of you. I was very happy and I appreciate it very much.dianaDianas blog you can find at Have a look at this site.

sabrinaSabrina has only recently her own blog. Before that, she only had a very nice instagram account. Her new blog can be found at Sabrina, I wish you much success and fun with your blog.

I did it that way:

Nummer 1Monday:
Add 250 g sugar - DO NOT stir.Nummer 2Thuesday:
Add 230 ml of cold milk - DO NOT stir.
Nummer 3Wednesday:
Add 230 g flour  – DO NOT stir.Nummer 4Thursday:
Today you may stir it. Please use a plastic spoon.
Nummer 5Friday:
Add 250g sugar, 250g flour and 250ml milk. Rinse the dough and divide it into 4 portions, of which you have to give 3 away
Nummer 6
Give 250g of flour, 1 pk. Baking powder, 3 eggs, 2-3 tablespoons vanilla sugar, 200ml oil, 1 tablespoon chopped hazelnuts or almonds, ½ teaspoon cinnamon and chocolate flakes to your dough.
Bake the dough in a box mold at 180 degrees for 1 hour.

And do not forget to wish you something!

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