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Prosecco bread out of a cake tin

When necessity makes you inventive ... Prosecco bread out of a cake tin.
Today I present my husband's improvisation recipe.

Prosecco for breakfast - not for drinking, but as a Prosecco bread to eat!

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Yes, you have read correctly. Prosecco for dinner.
Today I'll show you what happens at our house when my husband prepares creative breakfast as a surprise.
Fitting for the first snow here on the mountain, my Mr. C. thought he had to surprise me with a common breakfast table.
I tell you, this surprise was really successful.
While I was still sleeping comfortably, my dear husband got up and showed himself from his most creative side. You must know, we had run out of bread and the day before he joked that tomorrow would inevitably Prosecco breakfast. No bread or cake would be there, but a chilled bottle of Prosecco was still in the fridge.
When he woke me up, I barely trusted my eyes. A lovingly prepared table by the window, outside the beautiful romp of snowflakes and at the table the bottle of Prosecco.

6 proseccobrot brot rezept lucina cucinaAnd: a home-baked bread body of my husband, a spicy blue cheese and as a color contrast my little cherry tomatoes. I was already overwhelmed by the sight.
But the best is yet to come:
since I knew that we had no yeast at home, I asked curious about the bread recipe. That made me speechless.
My husband got a recipe without yeast from the net and thought instead of using sparkling wine Prosecco. He's bubbling too!

And he was right: the bread tasted great and it was a very special morning, with a very special breakfast.
I do not want to deprive you of this recipe and I'm curious to see what you're going to say.

haube en

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500 gr
grippy flour
200 gr
natural yoghurt
1 packg
baking powder
2 TL
herbal salt
1 EL
olive oil
 150 ml
  also you need:
  one way gloves
  kitchen towel
  cake tin Ø 18 x H7,5 cm
 Lucina´s tips:

If you want to give your Bort a special look, use a knife on the surface to score a check pattern about 5 mm deep before you bake it.

gutes gelingen lucina en

He did it that way:

Nummer 1Mix the flour with salt and the baking powder in a bowl.
In a second mixing bowl, mix the yoghurt, the Prosecco with the oil well.
Bring both contents together and knead to a smooth dough for about 5 minutes with your hands.

Nummer 2Now place the dough in an oiled cake tin, press down on the ground and distribute so that the shape is well filled.
Bake at 230 degrees for about 25-30 minutes.
If the bread has a golden yellow color and if you take it out hollow, when you knock on the bottom, it's done.
Only more about half an hour, wrapped in a kitchen towel, let cool and serve tastefully.
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Have fun to bake it!

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