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French Toast

The quick sweet gourmet breakfast.
A popular classic for young and old for breakfast or as a snack in between.

Fruity, sweet, delicious - French toast with fruit

Actually, I never ate toast. But when we moved to the country, the cooking fever got me completely and I just wanted to try everything. Many of you have also noticed that I literally "celebrate" common food. 7lucina cucina french toast armer ritter mandelcreme mandelmus rezeptThat's why there are always new ideas and recipes to be able to cover the table every day and to try something new. This recipe is one of my first breakfast recipes in our current home. Actually, just over two years old. I have seen countless pictures and recipes of French toast - be it on Instagram or Pinterest. French toast is known in many countries, in different variants. A uniform recipe does not exist for French Toast. However, all recipes have in common that they once served for the remainder utilization of the valuable bread. That's why it's also an ecological recipe. French toast or "poor knight" is a popular dish for breakfast or brunch, but also for lunch, for the afternoon, for the evening ... so always!
The meal can be varied and tastes the whole family. The preparation is always similar. Some use white bread, other brioche or toast bread.
I use toast bread slices in my recipe (meanwhile I've also learned to bake toast myself) my are a few days old (older bread absorbs the egg mixture better) - these simply bathe in a mixture of cream, milk, sugar, egg and vanilla. You can really soak there to be then fried in the pan crispy, golden. You can roll them into cinnamon sugar, sprinkle them with powdered sugar or, to your taste, enjoy them with maple syrup. At that time an emergency food, which was eaten when people did not have much more than stale bread and eggs, are the poor knights today, just because of their simplicity so popular and a real culinary delight. 8lucina cucina french toast armer ritter mandelcreme mandelmus rezeptIt does not take much, the basic ingredients are cheap and most of the time you have a lot at home. Even if you are just starting to discover your cooking skills - here can go a little wrong and I say that from my own experience. It gets really crazy when you make the "poor", "rich knights". What I mean by that? Your knights are filled. Yeah ... if you want to bring the classic flavor to the next level of enjoyment, fill the bread slices with your favorite ingredients. I can not describe this enjoyment in words, you just have to try it yourself. Eating can be so happy.
I wanted to tell you that this recipe is a bit older and I have modified it countless times. The photos are also from this time - it is not creeping advertising. At the time, I did not have a blog and photographically kept the recipes for myself. In this recipe I have used several gifts, as well as this almond cream - now I make them myself - or this cinnamon, vanilla and Sternanyz spice. There is no intention to see the brands and it does not matter which brands you use in your recipe.

haube en
 10 pieces
toastbred / it can be older one
 3 pieces
BIO eggs ( M)
200 ml
8 g
bourbon vanillasugar
1 pieces
1 TL
1 TL
ginger bred spice
2 El
sesame seeds
 3 pieces
 3 El almond cream
1 pieces butter or coconut oil
  treetop-lemon balm honey
  raspberries as deco
  cinnamon, vanilla, star anise-spice
drucken en
 Lucina´s tips:

You are welcome to use older bread.
Soak properly, then fry until crispy.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1Peel and slice bananas.1lucina  cucina french toast armer ritter mandelcreme mandelmus rezept

Nummer 2
Always take two slices of bread and coat one with almond cream.
Spread banana slices on top and cover with the second slice of bread.
Cut into three strips.2lucina  cucina french toast armer ritter mandelcreme mandelmus rezept 

Nummer 3
Mix cream, eggs, spices, sesame seeds, vanilla sugar and a peeled vanilla pod and mix well.3lucina  cucina french toast armer ritter mandelcreme mandelmus rezept

Nummer 4
Turn the bread strips in the egg mixture and let them soak.4lucina cucina french toast armer ritter mandelcreme mandelmus rezept

Nummer 5
Heat butter or coconut oil in a pan and fry soaked bread strips over medium heat.5lucina cucina french toast armer ritter mandelcreme mandelmus rezept

Nummer 6To serve, dust with powdered sugar and cinnamon, vanilla, star anise spice, decorate with raspberries and drizzle honey with treetop lemon balm honey.
Add a glass of milk and the perfect meal is ready.6lucina cucina french toast armer ritter mandelcreme mandelmus rezept

Have fun to cook it !


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