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Vegan pumpkin Spice latte macchiato

Clear modernity meets nostalgic feelings - the berry of the seasonal pumpkin simply reads the espresso.
A vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Macchiato is easy and uncomplicated.

A colorful, great appearance ...!

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Aromatic spices, pumpkin and espresso - in this macchiato lick all yummy things. He sweetens us, when it's really cold outside, cozy evenings by candlelight. Like Alice in Wonderland you feel like sipping this pumpkin macchiato. For me and Christian it was a completely new taste experience. And those awesome colors just awesome. Try it instead of the obligatory hot chocolate or the usual coffee - even if you like pumpkin, you will be amazed.

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for 2 pumpkin latte                       Enthält Amazon-Links / ads       

150 gr
Nutmeg- and/or Hokkaido pumpkin (pumpkin puree)
  how you can make pumpkin puree you can read in recipe
300 ml
Joya almond-cocos-Mmilk (alternativ normal milk)
2 EL
applesauce (selfmade or bought)
1-2 EL
agave syirup or maplesyrup
 1-2 TL
Pumpkin Spice you can make this yourselfe look at tip
1 splash
Dr. Oetker Bourbon vanilla paste
 1 Shot
fresh cooked espresso Shot
1 packg
vegan cream  alternativ normal cream
  baking sheet
  baking paper
  Nutribullet or blender
  for decoration:
2 pieces
Latte Macchiato glasses
  star anis
  Dr. Oetker vanilla sugar
 Lucina´s tips:

To make pumpkin spice:
4 EL cinnamon powder
4 TL nutmeg powder
4 TL ginger powder
3 TL grounded cloves/ allspice
1 TL grounded pimento   
1 TL grounded cardamom

It could not be simpler: mix the spices well in a bowl, done! In a container, e.g. In a spice jar, a larger amount of the spice mixture can also be stored. It is used, for example, in when baking and especially in the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Extra tip:
If you are not a big fan of the hot drink of milk and espresso, you can also just make it with cold milk.

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I did it that way:

Nummer 1*Making pumpkin puree*
Halve and de-seed the hokkaido pumpkin or nutmeg pumpkin (you have to peel it).
You can also mix hokkaido and nutmeg pumpkin like me. (You can also take larger amounts of pumpkin.
I got from a 1300g heavy pumpkin about 500 g of ready pumpkin puree.
You can freeze this for the next pumpkin-latte or can you make a pumpkin pie from it)

To cut in pieces. Place the pieces on a baking tray covered with baking paper and bake gently at 180 ° C for approx. 15-20 minutes. The pieces should not get muddy.
Allow to cool and puree the soft flesh in the Nutribullet or with the blender.
Now you have pumpkin puree.
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Nummer 2The agave syrup and 1-2 teaspoons of the Pumpkin Spice spice mix and a dash of dr. Thoroughly mix Oetker vanilla paste until a uniform Pumpkin Spice syrup is obtained.
Mix the syrup with 2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree, 1-2 tablespoons of apple puree until a homogeneous mixture is obtained
Then set aside.

Nummer 3Heat milk and froth, then add the espresso.
In the next step mix the homogenous mass (syrup, pumpkin puree, applesauce mixture) with warm milk and espresso (mix).
(Since it is not a clear sugar syrup, you should stir the drink while drinking)
For the lower dark orange layer, I mixed the pumpkin puree with just a pinch of (or to taste) pumpkin spice, applesauce and agave syrup together and spread them in the macchiato glasses, then pour in the milk mixture over a spoonful.
On top comes the cream, dusting with bourbon vanilla sugar, decorating with cinnamon sticks and star anise and enjoying.
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If you liked my recipe and pictures, I would appreciate your feedback and comments.
Have fun while copying.12 kuerbis latte machiato13 kuerbis latte macchiato

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