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Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Once a year, love is celebrated around the world. It is the day on which lovers make small gifts, spend romantic hours together and sweeten the day with little love messages. Happy Valentine!

1 lucinacucina valentine valentinesday love liebe teddyMy love message this year is the heart in the cake, which Mr. C. got for his birthday last year. As we had to leave for Salzburg on business this year, I baked this cake on Saturday morning. It was worth the effort to get up early, tie my apron quickly and bake it. I wanted to have a little love message for my dear man. I changed the cake a bit this time. The original recipe can be found here.2 lucinacucina valentine valentinesday herzimkuchen muttertag love liebe schrittfuerschritt anleitung lucinaslife This time the icing is white and the heart is pink, even though I used red food coloring, only the brand was exchanged. Instead of my usual used colors, this time I have the leftover paint from the BakemyCake Award by Dr. Ing. Oetker used. (below is the link for the red food coloring that I usually use) And although I used all the color, the result has remained pink. But that does not matter, so I could also use the white glaze. I liked this idea of ​​this combination white / pink.
I used my homemade cola cherry jelly, my orange apple marzipan marmalade creation and the homemade cherry liqueur as well as the homemade orange liqueur in this "Love Cake".9 lucinacucina KIRSCHCOLAGELEE orangenmarmelade herzimkuchen 10 lucinacucina orangenlikuer kirschenlikuer orangecello herzimkuchenOf course you can like any jams z. Use B from the supermarket, as well as finished liqueurs. The imagination knows no limits. From the cake leftovers, I just made cake pops and rum balls and tried a pear layer dessert for the first time. How we spent the whole Valentine and what it means for us you read on LucinasLife.2  lucinacucina valentine valentinesday love liebe teddy

haube en
       for the red dough:
200 g
vegetable margarine
150 g
 1 Pckg
Vanilla sugar (8g)
 4 Stück
300 g flour
3 TL
baking powder
100 ml
100 g
Cherry-Cola jelly ( or Marmelade)
2 El
cherry liquer
1 Prise
  red food color  z.B. Dr. Oethker
  heart cutter (ca.5 cm )
  loaf cake form
  aluminium foil
  wooden sticks
  for the cake:
200 g
vegetable margarine
180 g
1 Pckg
vanilla sugar
300 g
4 Stück eggs
3 Tl
baking powder
60 ml
100 g
  grounded almonds
2 EL
  for decoration:
300 g white cake icing
  sugar hearts and cake candles
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 Lucina´s tips:

 You can use the remaining orange marmalade on the cake pages. Simply brush the sides with the jam.

I used the rest of the cherry cola geeles on the top of the cake in the same way.

Attention, if you use jam, it must not be too liquid. It would change the consistency of the cake.


gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1Protect the apron and preheat the oven to 180 ° C (circulating air approx. 160 ° C).
Grease the tin and dust with flour (Or just use baking spray)
200g margarine, 150g sugar and 1 pck vanilla sugar creamy.
4Insert each one after the other.3 lucinacucina valentine valentinesday love liebe teddyNummer 2Mix 300g of flour, 3TL baking powder and 1 pinch of salt and gradually stir with 60 ml of milk under the dough.
Let everything connect well.
Nummer 3Now also mix the cherry cola jelly with 2 tbsp cherry liqueur.
Color the finished dough with food coloring.4 lucinacucina valentine valentinesday love liebe teddyNummer 4Fill in the prepared tin and bake the cake in a preheated oven for about 55 minutes.
Check again and again.
(Protect against burning with aluminum foil - the first time I had no hand at - so I burned the cake on the surface)
Nummer 5Make a stick sample, no liquid dough should adhere to the wooden stick.
Allow the cake to cool (about 20 minutes) and remove from the mold. Let the cake cool.
Cut into thicker slices, which can be cut out well with the Herzausttecher. Cut out hearts from the cake slices.5 lucinacucina valentine valentinesday love liebe teddy
Nummer 6
Prepare the second batter as described in steps 1 and 2, leaving the food color alone and using the food from the light dough.
Give a small amount of light dough to the bottom of the prepared box mold, not too much.
It is enough if the ground is covered and the punched out hearts find support.6 lucinacucina valentine valentinesday love liebe herz im Kuchen herzimkuchen valentinstagkuchen muttertag
Nummer 7Place hearts close together in the dough. Fill up the tin with the remaining light dough.
Bake in preheated oven for approx. 50 minutes.
Make a stick sample, no liquid dough should adhere to the wooden stick.
Allow the cake to cool for about 15 minutes and remove from the mold.7 lucinacucina valentine valentinesday love liebe herz im Kuchen herzimkuchen valentinstagkuchen muttertag
Nummer 8
Paint the cake with the remaining cherry cola jelly, spread the remaining orange jam on the sides of the cake.
Approximately Let the cake rest for 15 minutes.
Nummer 9
For the chocolate glaze, simply melt the chocolate over a bain-marie.
Distribute over the cooled cake.
Now come the sugar hearts on it cool and ready.
Slice the "love cake" and look forward to every single heart.8 lucinacucina valentine valentinesday love liebe herz im Kuchen herzimkuchen valentinstagkuchen muttertag

Have fun with baking and love-giving!


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