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Frankfurter heartegg

Frankfurter heartegg

What is more beautiful than to be gently awakened by a loved one in the morning?
And who does not like to sit down on a covered breakfast table and be pampered?
A fast breakfast with tender love greetings ....

Today is Saturday.
Mr. Chr. Is still asleep and I have quietly turned my favorite Morning Relax music, turned my apron around and prepared a fast, romantic breakfast. Just so, although Valentine's Day is not - it should be between love couple every single day of the year.
Fresh from the pan now comes the deliciously cheerful breakfast heart-sausage with egg - turned around. Add some fresh vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes, freshly squeezed orange juice and, of course, the aromaticc coffee. herzei2
The common breakfast is for us always a well-deserved rest. At breakfast we recharge our energy supplies quickly. It is always important to me a lovingly laid-back breakfast table, which delights even the largest langschläfer and also morning muffins become more joyful!
Who was with us before breakfast, who knows what I mean. There are no limits to creativity. It does not have to know what God is - a candle, a beautiful napkin, vlt. a bread basket of grandma with fresh smelling toasts. I am sure - these little things make the first meal a day especially cozy and we like it cozy. A gentle and energetic start to the day.
This recipe goes jerkily and requires no great preparations. Of course, you can decorate your plates differently - I always use what I have on hand: fresh eggs from Maria's chickens. The toast bread I have easily in butter and the rest of fresh herbs I have taken out of my garden. It is very refreshing to harvest the early garden herbs - the cool breeze distributes the still existing fatigue and at the same time brings the circulation right at the same time really in momentum.

haube en
 4 pieces
Frankfurter Würstel (sausage)
 2 pieces
1 piece
salt and pepper
1 bunch
verschiedene, frische herbs
  eg. parsley, chives
4 pieces
drucken en
 Lucina´s tips:

Fix the sausage hearts with a toothpick very well, then the eggs do not run out!!

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1The Frankfurter cut to 1-2 cm from one end in the middle with a knife.
Fold out the cut ends so that the inside of the frankfurts is facing outwards.
  Stir the sausages together with a toothpick to form a heart shape.
If necessary, you have to cut something with the knife.
Repeat this procedure with all sausages.Nummer 2Let the butter melt in a pre-heated pan.
Sauté the sausages lightly after 1 to 2 minutes and gently beat a raw egg into each heart. Nummer 3The eggs can be roasted according to taste and consistency.
Season with salt, pepper and fresh herbs, carefully remove from the pan and serve on a plate.Nummer 4You can lightly toast bread in butter, spread a few slices of a salad cucumber and tomatoes on the plate and decorate well for the eye.
Already a romantic breakfast is ready.
With this breakfast, you are sure to have a great time and a great start to the day.
If you liked my romantic breakfast, I am looking forward to a feedback!

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