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Čalamáda beef roulade

A bit of cattle, a little birdie, a little bit of Slovakia mixed with a pinch of Italy and we have our lunch menu today.

Čalamáda beef roulades - for those who value good food!

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Today I want to present you something very special. My Mr. C. conjured up something new for me that will not be available in any kitchen in the world - at least not in this particular recipe.
Mr. C. cooks delicious for me from time to time. Usually he is very structured and organized while cooking. Over time, with me, he has learned to improvise - especially in the kitchen. And as is so often the case, the experimental kitchen offers very good food creations. So also in this spezeillen case, in which Mr. C wanted to make me classic beef roulades. Emphasis is on classic. The man himself was shopping alone. Thus, from classical experimental, because the gentleman never penned a shopping list. The consequence he forgot not only an ingredient for the original recipe.
As you may know, the original beef roulades are made with carrots and cucumbers. Important here are the gherkins, which give the meat that certain acidity. Mr. C noticed that only 2 carrots were left and that there was no trace left of the gherkins. So he used the 2 carrots exclusively for the sauce. Instead of bacon, he took the prosciutto, which was still in the fridge, and instead of the cucumbers he chopped zucchini strips as a filling. After all, these are also green, so the men's logic. With my help to search for the ingredients, I stumbled across our glass of Čalamáda from my mom. Čalamáda is a typical Slovak way of preserving sweet and sour vegetables. Zucchini and peppers are pickled and kept so eternal. The chef now used this Čalamáda, which is usually served as a side dish, as a filling for the beef birds and discovered a completely new way of using this dish.
It tasted excellent and I personally werder missing the cucumbers, nor the carrots in the roulade. This Čalamáda filling clearly topped the original preparation and I do not want to withhold them from you.
Here's the recipe:

haube en
      for the beef roulades:
3 pieces
beef schnitzel
6  discs
3 TL
russian mustard
 1 piece
 1/4 piece
small zucchini
1 glas
3 pieces
small skewer
for the sauce
2 pieces carrots
1/4 piece
1 EL tomato paste
 ca. 250 ml red wine
 3 EL olive oil/chili oil
  the rest of onion rings
ca. 3/4 liter
beef stock
1 pinch
 1 pinch pepper
  or the polenta:
ca. 8 EL polenta
ca. 250 ml beef stock
 Lucina´s tips:

Make sure that you close the cattle birds well with the spits, so they do not disintegrate in the pot!
The more you repeat the roasting process of the vegetables, the spicier the sauce becomes.

gutes gelingen lucina en

So did it my husband:

Nummer 1First, you knock the three cattle schnitzel slightly wide.
If you do not have a meat beater, you can use the back of a small saucepan just like my husband does.

Nummer 2Season the meat well with salt and pepper and smear one side with mustard.
The sharper the mustard, the spicier the end result.

Nummer 3Cover each side of the mustard with 2 slices of prosciutto and put the schnitzel aside.
Cut the zucchini into small, approximately schnitzel-wide strips.
Dice the carrots and celery.

Nummer 4Halve the onion and cut into thin half rings.
Loosen the rings so they are all single and do not stick together.
Put these in a pot and sweat the rings with a little oil.
Spice it with salt and pepper.
Only when they are glassy, put the pot aside.

Nummer 5You divide some of the onion rings on one side of the prosciutto-covered beef schnitzel.
In addition, you add a few raw zucchini strips.
Spread a tablespoon of Čalamáda well with the zucchini strips.
Roll in the schnitzel, keeping in mind that the filling stays inside.
With a toothpick or with a wooden skewer you can fix the roulades.
Do it with all 3 schnitzel.1 RINDERROULADEN

Nummer 6Take a pot that is also suitable for the oven.
My husband used our email coated cast iron Pyrex pot.
Add a little olive oil and roast the roulades sharp and short. Take these out and put them aside.
Now fry the carrots and celery hot.
In addition, you can still give the remaining onion rings in.

Nummer 7Add 1 tablespoon of tomato paste and mix everything together. Do not panic, even if it seems that this is burning.
The set in the pot, which quickly becomes slightly brownish, is the Pure Aroma for our sauce. As soon as the soil is partially covered with the roasting substances, the whole thing is extinguished with a dash of red wine. We also used a Slovak wine namely Frankovka Modra von Slovenske vinice - I can only recommend this light touch of vanilla makes it special.

Nummer 8With constant stirring, you wait again until the wine is overcooked and again form roasting substances on the ground. Dissolve these again with a dash of the wine and by stirring from the bottom and repeat this step 3 times.2 rinderrouladen

Nummer 9Put the rest of the wine in the pot and let the vegetables simmer for a while.
Place the roulades on the vegetables and cover them 2/3 with beef stock.
Put the lid on it and place it in the oven for an hour, which you preheated to 120 degrees.
After this hour, remove the pot, turn over the roulades and place it in the oven for another hour.3 rinderrouladen

Nummer 10In the meantime, you can heat 250 ml beef stock and when it is hot, pour the polenta, stirring constantly.
Over time, this absorbs the fund. Just so much that at the end the polenta has a creamy texture.

Nummer 11Take the pot out of the tube and use a sieve to fish the vegetables out of the sauce.
Put this in a small container and puree it.
If it is too thick, add one or two tablespoons of sauce.

Nummer 12If your sauce is too thin in the pot, you can take out the roulades and make the sauce thicker with a little flour or sauce binder. But is not necessary normally, since the 2 hours of stewing, some liquid is lost - the sauce is reduced.

Nummer 13Add some cream polenta to your plate, a roulade and cut one of the three roulades in half.
Arrange these on the plates, making sure that the sauce is not tipped over the polenta.
One spoonful of our pureed vegetables, one tablespoon of Čalamáda on the pureed vegetables and this dish is ready to eat.4 rinderrouladen lucina cucina rezept5 rinderrouladen lucina cucina rezept

I wish you a wonderful enjoyment of this self-designed version of
Čalamáda cattle birds.

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