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Alpin Camembert spread

Alpin Camembert spread

The best we always lubricate ourselves on top.
A delicious spread makes the snack really perfect - few ingredients and still great.

2 lucinacucina camembert aufstrich brotaufstrich snackEveryday life can sometimes be quite stressful, as there is often little time left for shopping and cooking. Doing it yourself is just part of the modern lifestyle for me. And you can do it with only a few ingredients and without much effort. My spread is actually more or less my fast food and by the way simple remainder utilization.4 lucinacucina camembert aufstrich brotaufstrich snackEven remnants can taste and look very good, because with a little creativity you can conjure up wonderful things. Bread and spread, that's always the case at home. Then the leftover lettuce leaves, pears, blackberries, fresh herbs like rosemary and the artwork is ready.
Since I also like to experiment and, admittedly, try to use everything, I also tried this spread with a little leftover cherry and strawberry jam - it just tastes heavenly.3 lucinacucina camembert aufstrich brotaufstrich snack So you can quickly make a little eye-catcher and culinary delight from very few ingredients and drive out the hunger. Just as I love the modern and the exotic and also like to try it, so I love the down-to-earth, natural and rustic. Do not do much, but peasant cuisines are famous for that. Since all parts are used, also e.g. Leftovers of old bread. I always get a lot of inspiration here on land from my dear neighbor Maria, who is one of the best cooks that I was allowed to get to know.
If you also want to get the taste of an alpine region on the plate, then imitate the bun. Incidentally, I also used this spread as the basis for my winter Christmas bun. You can do it with and without fresh herbs. Make with a topping of pears, blackberries, jam and lettuce leaves or just omit them. Just as you like it. I am very curious how you enjoyed it and what you say about these combinations.

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250 g
Camambert cheese
80 g
natural yoghurt
 100 g
 1 Prise
selfmade herbal salt
1 Prise
fresh herbs
  to decorate:
  pears, blackberry, grapes
  Radicchio salad
  strawberry- or cherry melade
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 Lucina´s tips:

 The blender is excellent - it is all shredded and can be excellently painted.

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I did it that way:

Nummer 1Cut the Camembert into small pieces, place in a container and crush.
Add yoghurt and curd cheese. Wash herbs, chop and add.
Puree everything together with the blender. Season with salt and pepper.
5 lucinacucina camembert aufstrich brotaufstrich snack Cut the baguette, ciabatta bread, potato or peasant bread, spread with the spread.
And now just decorate with a piece of pear, blackberries, lettuce and jam nice.
Done is the perfect snack or as a breakfast.

Have fun to make it !


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