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Watermelon-Caprese-skewers with basil-vinaigrette

Quick snack for a great garden party?

Melon Caprese skewers - the perfect snack for balmy summer evenings!

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At these temperatures, we all would like to do everything outside - of course, party. A garden party is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the nice weather together with friends and family.1 melone mozarella zottarella spieße caprese basilikum vinaigrette gartenparty tropicalparty Here with us on the mountain, the weather is not often that you could spend the balmy summer evenings on the terrace, so we have to use the weather, if it is there and just be spontaneous. So it was today - a very hot day and a pleasant warm evening. Quickly I hopped to our neighbors to ask them if they would like to have a BBQ with us - I still have to use this time together, especially since we know we will move. They agreed that it was important for me to improvise and be flexible. Flexible for the reason that I had prepared nothing and our neighbors in 2 hours on our terrace.

Actually, I had been wanting to invite the lovely Patricia and Rebecca (both known from the meeting in the Cafe Lavender) for a long time with their husbands to a tropical barbecue party. As it is hot now to be spontaneous, it has now become a Tropical Grill party with our neighbors. Meat, sausages, cheese and even corn on the grill I had in the fridge and fresh vegetables and salad donated us to my garden. In addition, I also had 2 different types of melon at home: watermelon and honeydew melon. I wanted to try these melon-caprese skewers with basil vinaigrette from Springlane for quite some time. I had to improvise, to that I just modified this recipe a bit.

Recently, I also bought this skillful Kugelausstecher, so nothing stood in the way of this experiment.2 melonen austecher Watermelon is for me the summer snack par excellence and popular everywhere. The melon skewers in combination with those cute Zottarella hearts, which I had in the fridge, brought real summer feelings on our Tropical table. 9 zottarella minis zott herzen
Sweet melon in combination with this tender mozarella heart, combined with fresh basil and mint resulted in a wonderful summer snack, which also gave a delicious eye-catcher at our party buffet. Incidentally, I found this basil vinaigrette so delicious that I now use it as a spread for bread and as a dressing for salads, yes, I even built them in my bruschetta. The same melon skewers, with the same ingredients, prepared as a salad are just delicious. But first I want to show you my skewers:11 zotarella melonen mozarella spieße snack rezepte

haube en
      for the skewers:
1/2 piece
1/2 piece
water melon
1-2 Pckg
 10 slices
high quality row ham
 1/2 fret
1/2 fret
1 piece
olives with herbs (Kotanyi)
for the basil-vinaigrette
1 piece onion
1 fret basil
1 piece garlic cloves
 ca. 70 ml high quality oliveoil
 1 EL chilioil
1 EL red vine vinegar
1 pinch fresh lemon
1 TL
  special accessoires:
  wood skewers (not to long, palatable)
  high performance mixer (I use Nutribullet)
 Lucina´s tips:

To cut out the balls you use a Kugelausstecher.
Despite the cookie cutter, it still takes some practice until you get the first right watermelon ball.
But with a bit of diligence, you quickly get the hang of it

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1

Peel the shallot and garlic for the vinaigrette and cut into coarse pieces.
Pluck basil leaves from the stems. Puree everything with remaining ingredients in a blender (Nutribullet) -
Put the vinaigrette aside.

Nummer 2

Peel the shallot and garlic for the vinaigrette and cut into coarse pieces.
Pluck basil leaves from the stems. Puree everything with remaining ingredients in a blender (Nutribullet) -
Put the vinaigrette aside.3 kugelausstecher4 melonenausstecher5 kugelausstecher6 melonenausstecher7 kugelausstecher8 melonenausstecher

Nummer 3Now take turns basil leaves, Zotarella hearts, pieces of ham, watermelon balls, mint leaves, Zottarella hearts, pieces of ham and honey balls on the skewers.
Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with basil vinaigrette10 zotarella mozarella melonen spieße snack rezept

I wish you a wonderful enjoyment
and a lot of fun and joy while preparing

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