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hearty pea soup

hearty pea soup

There were times when you had to cook dishes with the simplest ingredients, which had to fulfill a purpose: to fill the large family ...

Today we are talking about the dried peas.
They are cultivated with me in Slovakia since I can think, together with other pods such as eg. My whole childhood accompanied me with the growing of pods. I can still remember when I came to Austria years ago, no one of my acquaintances knew this food. On the other hand, it was always part of traditional dishes, mostly in soups or in hearty stews. They were favorable and gave strength to the hard-working people.
alenka ichLastly, when Alenka was visiting me, I was once again keen to cook something like that, hearty, Slovakian. No wonder, it was really nice in the autumn, but the mountains were already white and the cold wind had us on our tour, right into the bone, frozen through. As soon as we got home and warmed ourselves a little with spicy tea, I went behind the stove to cook my hearty autumn soup soup.
By the way, you can also make this soup vegan. Vegans among you then simply do not use meat and instead of meat broth, you simply use a vegetable broth. Otherwise the preparation is exactly the same.
A little tip in advance: Soak the peas in the water overnight.suppe

haube en
 300 gr
dried peas
1 L
300 gr
smoked meat
200 gr carotts
80 gr cellery
 6 pieces potatoes
1 piece
2 pieces
bay leafs
2 Ts
oil      Ts=tablespoon
1 L
 2 ts
smoked paprika  ts=teaspoon
  salt, pepper and fresh herbs to spice up
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 Lucina´s tips:

The peas must be soaked in water beforehand.
I personally do it as I have learned from my mother: I leave the peas in the water.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1Peel the peas in 1L water overnight.
Usually one hour before cooking, but I make it like my mom and let her soak overnight.Nummer 2Bring to a boil the next day with the water.
In the meantime, roll the small dice.
Carrots and potatoes peel and dice.
Peel onion and finely chop it.
Nummer 3After about half an hour, add the pancake and cook for another half an hour.Nummer 4Fry the onions in a small pan and add them together with the carrot and potato cubes as well as the bay leaves and the spices.
Add the celery and the broth and boil for another half an hour.
Nummer 5Yes, according to how liquid you want the soup, you can take more or less of the meat broth.
I have also cooked my own smoked beef ribs in the soup.
The taste was just heavenly for our frozen bodies.

With this simple food you have a perfect belly warmers, which fits perfectly into the colder season.
If you have my pea soup tasted, I'm looking forward to a feedback!

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