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Summer radish salad with smoked salmon

Summer radish salad with smoked salmon


Who would not like to bite into a radish grown in their own garden?
I'm lucky enough to have my own kitchen garden. This provides me with fresh ingredients, of which I certainly know where they come from or how they were processed, so that BIO is really BIO!

Experiments with own garden recipes for me means pure, culinary garden enjoyment!

I can not tell you how much joy my garden gives me.garten anlegen bauerngarten cottagegartengarten anlegen salat holzscheiben The first thing I harvested this year except for my garden herbs was radishes and strawberries. I've tried a lot of garden recipes and learned a lot about fruit and vegetables. Actually, I still learn, because I'm a meticulous detailist and always want to know everything - you never learn.

In today's recipe, everything revolves around radishes.

radieschen garten bunteradieschen radieschenvieleverschiedenefarbenThe radishes from your own garden usually end up in the salad, just like today - but also a radish butter, a radish smoothie (click), a radish-leaf pesto or a radish soup are true delights - I can tell you that let's say.
I am particularly pleased that everything can be processed on radishes - from the tuber, the leaves to the germinating Radisheschensamen. Oh how nice - so nothing grows around and everything can be used. There were countless experiments needed, but I think it also very delicious food emerged.
The small, tasty, red tubers have it all - and they just taste wonderful!
In addition, they are very healthy - they contain a lot of vitamin C, iron and magnesium. The mustard oils contained have an antibacterial effect and they even strengthen the immune system - with this knowledge they simply taste twice as good.
Oh well, there's nothing better than growing fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers in your own garden, harvesting them and, of course, nibbling or boiling them. There are so many experiments for cooking and a lot of creative potential.
But now to our recipe, otherwise I will lose myself again in my Philosophierereien.
Incidentally, radishes and radishes are both part of the family of the cross flower family and harmonize very well with each other in this low-fat and vitamin-rich salad.31 radischen rettich gurke raucherlachs salat gesund krauter dressing lucinacucina

haube en
1 bundle
200 gr
smoked salmon
150 gr
withe radish
1 piece
2 pieces leaves of salad
1 piece
BIO lemon
1/2 piece
8 pieces
leaves lemon balm
1/2 bundle
 1/3 bundle
 1 EL
cane sugar
1 EL
tree top lemon balm honey
 6 EL
olive oil
pinch salt and pepper
  for decoration:
  fresh garden dill
  fresh lemon balm
4-6 pieces
leaves Lollo Rosso salad
  tree top honey and flowers
 Lucina´s tips:

I always use the TUPPER TURBO BOSS to mince onions.
This was a present from my cousin Lenka. Thanks again. Since my friend does not like big onion pieces in the food, does the perfect service!
Brew the onion with hot water and defuse the aromas of the onion. This was a tip from a former patient.

gutes gelingen lucina en


I did it that way:

Nummer 1Radish, radish and cucumber wash properly.2 radieschen raucherlachs gurke rettich salat lucinacucinaNummer 2Peel the radish and cut into radish curls with a vegetable spiral cutter.
Salt the radish (I use my herb salt) and let it steep for 15 minutes.9 rettich gemuese spagetti rezept vegan gesundes lucinacucinaNummer 3Slice the cucumber with a vegetable slicer. Also salt and let water draw for 15 minutes.10 salat gurke gesundes vegan rezept lucinacucinaNummer 4In the case of radishes, the greens (from which you can later make radish pesto or a smoothie) and remove the tail, 3 radieschen raucherlachs gurke rettich salat lucinacucinaalso divide the wheels into slices
- you can, but you do not have to let the radishes water.5 radischen salat lucinacucina rezept gesundes snack
Nummer 5Wash lettuce leaves and lollo rosso leaves and dab them dry - put aside.
Nummer 6Peel onion, finely chop and brew with hot water - so that the onion is not too sharp and intense to match the radishes and radishes16 tupperware zwiebel schneider rezept lucina cucinaThis weakens the essential oils of the onion. Let it rest for 5-7 minutes.17 zwiebel ueberbruehen vegan rezept
Nummer 7Wash lemon
(Shell can be rubbed off and mixed into the dressing)18 zitrone pressen saft rezept
Nummer 8Finely chop all herbs. 20 krauterdressing lecker wipfelhonig rezep nutribullet
I just put it in my nutribullet. Mix together with lemon juice, oil, sugar, honey, salt and pepper (shredded), taste and taste.21 krauterdressing wipfelhonig lucinacucina rezept gesund

Nummer 9Drain radish, cucumber, onion and radish.23 salatgurke salatrezept sommersalat

24 rettichrezept rettichsalat sommersalatNummer 10Finely chop the smoked salmon, in corners or stripes, as you prefer.
(Vegans just skip this point)25 raucherlachs rezept gesund sommersalatNummer 11Cut lettuce leaves into small pieces.22 salat vegan lucinacucina rezept gesund sommersalat26 radischen gurken rettich zwiebel salat sommersalat gartensalat gesund rezept lucinacucinaMix together with cucumber, radish, onion, salmon and the dressing
(who wants to can mix in the radish)

27 krauter dressing radischen gurke sala lucinacucina sommersalat gartensalatNummer 12Spread the Lollo Rosso leaves on a plate.28 lollorosso salat rezept gartensalat I put the radish curls on it and then distributed the salad.29 lollorosso salat rezept gesund gartensalat sommersalat lucina cucinaDecorate with dill and leaves of the lemon balm and lightly sprinkle honey with the tops.30 radischen gurke raucherlachs rettich krauterdressing salat gartensalat sommersalat

Tada, ready is our fresh, delicious radish salad.
Let me know how you liked it.
And if you also have a good recipe for radishes or a summer salad, then I would be very happy!

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