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Zucchini Pizza Bites

If you want it to be fast, delicious and figure-friendly, then these zucchini pizzas are just the thing.
With individual pads you can please every palate.

Pizza for figure lovers ... individually, according to taste configurable

Giant joy filled me when I saw the yield of my garden for the first time. Zucchini is now time.zucchini hausegg haimingerberg selbstversorger landleben landgarten It was so exciting to see how a small plant emerged from the zucchini seed and then the first beautiful bright, large, yellow flowers formed. For hours I could watch how the bees do their work there. I have to tell you that I also tried to process the flowers in my kitchen. Zucchini flowers are a true delicacy.zucchinibluette zucchini bienen selbstversorger hausegg haimingerberg3zucchini pflanze garten landlebenAt the latest when I could watch how the flower transforms into a vegetable and grows, already 1000 recipes have gone through my head. The decent flavor of the zucchini is a true chameleon in the kitchen. Starting with grilled zucchini, zucchini soup, zucchini cake, spicy zucchini muffins or Zucchini pizzas like today. I saw the recipe on Pinterest and tried it out.4zucchini rezept zucchinipizza gesundepizza vegan vegetarisch lucinacucina hausegg 5zucchini zucchinipizza vegan vegetarisch rezept lucina cucina landrezept garten selbstversorger landkueche
Perfect is: you can these pizzas completely vegan, vegetarian or just with e.g. Prepare chopped meat or small salami slices, there is a variant for every taste. You can also replace the tomato sauce with sugo and fill it at will - like a normal pizza. Zucchini are 93 percent water and have just 19 calories per 100 grams. The most important nutrients are calcium, phosphorus, iron, provitamin A and vitamin C. Zucchini also excite through their good tolerance. They are the perfect vegetables for weight loss. Zucchini are best stored in the refrigerator, in the vegetable compartment they last up to three weeks and longer. They are very sensitive to ethylene, which is why they have to be stored separately from fruit and tomatoes. Otherwise the ripening process will be greatly accelerated.
So, now for our pizza bites

haube en

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4 EL
tomato mark
3 EL
2 EL
apricot Chutney Fred
  different herbals from arden
(Oregano, Thymian, Basilikum, Majoran)
pinch salz und pepper
  Olivs with herbs (Kotanyi-Gewürz)
1 piece
3 pieces
garlic cloves
  for the Pizzas:
1 piece
  cheese (Pizza-, Mozzarella-,Gouda or Parmesan)
Cocktail tomates, cutted
  corn or olives
  different herbals from garden
  (Oregano oder Basilikum)
 Lucina´s tips:

Make sure that the zucchini slices are approx. 0.5 cm thick for frying.

They are very sensitive to ethylene, which is why they have to be stored separately from fruit and tomatoes, otherwise the ripening process is greatly accelerated

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1For the tomato sauce, the tomato market and my apricot Chutney Fred (this step you can easily omit) are simply mixed with the other ingredients,
while finely chopping the herbs, onions and garlic cloves.
For this I use the gift from my cousin Lenka, from Tupperware the Tupper Turbo Boss (Click)
The finished sauce is now available.6zwiebelschneider tupperware turbochef zerkleiner7zwiebelschneider tupperware turbochef zerkleiner krauterschneider8pizza pizzasauce rezept lucinacucina9pizzassauce rezept frischekrauter

Nummer 2The zucchini is washed and cut into approximately 1 / 2cm thick slices.
In a little olive oil, the slices are then fried about 1 minute from each side.10zucchini rezept zucchinipizza vagan vegetarisch landleben landkueche selbstversorger11oel in pfanne12zucchini rezept selbstversorger landkueche vegan vegetarisch13zucchini rezept selbstversorger vegan vegetarisch ausbraten14zucchini zucchinipizza vegan vegetarisch rezept

Nummer 3
The slices are then placed on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and coated with the prepared tomato sauce.
Before, I still salt both sides of the zucchini and always use my special herbal salt.
Optionally, you can also use Sugo instead of tomato sauce.15zucchini zucchinipizza rezept vegan vegetarisch landleben selbstversorger landkueche lucinacucina16zucchini zucchinipizza rezept vegan vegetarisch gesundepizza landkueche selbstversorger pizzasauce lucina cucina

Nummer 4Then come the cheese, the tomato slices, corn (all to your heart's content) on the zucchini pizzas.
The plate is then placed at 200 ° C (top / bottom heat) for about 5-8 minutes in the preheated oven.17zucchini zucchinipizza rezept gesund schnell vegan vegetarisch selbstversorger landrezept lucinacucina18zucchini zucchinipizza vegan vegetarisch rezept landrezept selbstversorger landkueche lucinacucina

Nummer 5The little zucchini pizza bites are ready.
They taste cold as well as warm very good.19zucchini zucchinipizza vegan vegetarisch landkueche landrezept selbstversorger lucinacucina


I wish you a lot of fun with the imitation!

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