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Zellberg Stüberl (1.840 m) - Cosiness spice up every meal (en)

Tasty, down to earth and cordial - that's how I experience this cozy and family-run house in the Zillertal Alps, right on the Zillertaler Höhenstrasse.

The journey to the Zellberg Stüberl is very adventurous and romantic at the same time. You drive on the Zillertaler Höhenstrasse in lofty heights through a fairytale valley.
When Mr.Bag and I went through the Zillertaler Höhenstrasse (here you will find our article about it), the Almgasthaus Zellberg Stüberl at 1840m above sea level is our fortification for our soul and our stomach. Here we dive into the flavors of the Zillertal and experience Zillertal hospitality.

Delightful stop

As soon as you take a seat on the sun terrace, the inn conveys comfort, tradition and a feeling for the original. My gaze wanders over the sun terrace, which is filled with people in the best of spirits, to the housekeeper in the jaunty Dirndl. "Griaß't enk!" Say it with a friendly smile and at the same time wipes the table, gives us the menus and picks up the drink order in advance. With a cappuccino and an extended one, we rummage through the Bordeaux-red menu in peace.4 zellberg stueberl zillertal zillertaler hoehenstrasseThe menu is simple, beautiful and lovingly designed. I really like it when the personality of a restaurant is reflected in the map. In this case, really well done. On the second page, the typical Tyrolean "Griaß't enk!" Welcomes us, with whom the Almwirtin welcomed us so warmly. 5 zellberg stueberl zillertaler hoehenstrasseRight away it is clear: home-style Austrian cuisine with typical "Tyrolean and Zillertal specialties" and local delicacies are offered here. From Zellberger Graukassuppe, Zellbergstüberlsalat, homemade Käsaspätzle over hearty Brettljause up to something unusual alpine recipes such as Alm-Burger, Bergsteigerteller or Hüttentoast.
I like the names for the kids' dishes like Pinocchio-Teller or Schneewittchen-Teller. Sweet dishes such as Kaiserschmarrn, Germknödel, apple strudel, cake of your choice and ice cream complete the menu. zellberg stueberl zillertalSo originally and maintained this Alm presents us, so modern is also the free Wi-Fi access for the guests - also on the terrace.
After browsing the menu and a furtive look to our table neighbors and their huge portions on the plate, it is clear to me: the Schnewittchenteller it must be. The children's portion of cheese spaetzle will be enough for me. Mr.Bag wants to try a schnitzel after a long time, but has to redetach because the meat was used up today. To stay true to his meat decision, Mr. Bag chooses the grill sausage with fries. The attentive waitress seems to miss nothing. Already the closing and putting aside of the card causes them to come to us to take the order.6  zellberg stueberl zillertal zillertaler hoehenstrasseAlmwirtin, waiters and waitresses are very nice, informal and totally on the ball - a very well-rehearsed team. The icing on the cake would be, if everyone served in dirndls and costumes, not only the alpine hostess. Then it would be a visual feast for the guests. But this little shortcoming makes up for it with the niceness, attention and warmth. You feel a bit like friends up here. The atmosphere is despite the stress for the staff, they do not show, warm-hearted, friendly to very informal.
By the way, no one from the Zellbergstüberl troupe knows that I'll write about them. That's just mentioned in passing. Those who have known me for a while also know that I am concerned with the genuine and authentic experience.7 zellberg stueberl zillertal zillertaler hoehenstrasseWhile the kitchen conjures up our order on the plate, I have the time to take a closer look at the Almgasthaus Zellberg Stüberl. I look at everything calmly, the guests, the waiters and waitresses as well as the children playing on the playground come to my attention. On a hill behind the house I also discover a small chapel - this will be our small Verdaungsspaziergang after dinner, then to thank you in the chapel for this successful day. Suddenly there is music from the terrace. The boss Gerhard Spitaler personally provides with a Kumpl for musical entertainment and calls the guests to the dance. A Swiss couple in Sunday dress, it seems to be house guests, follow the call and put a hot sole on the floor of the sun terrace. A newly arrived cycling couple makes it uninhibited. It's great to watch them dance while enjoying the music and the atmosphere.9 zellberg stueberl zillertal8 zellberg stueberl zillertal zillertaler hoehenstrasse

Taste on the mountain

From the sun terrace you can see as far as the eye can see, gentle grass mountains and green forests. The rugged, sometimes slightly sugared mountain ranges on the opposite side of the valley form an impressive contrast to this autumnal idyll here. There is nothing better than to be able to enjoy the last rays of the sun, here so high up at 1840m, with fresh air and a good meal. The son of the chef, Georg, personally serves us our delicacies. It smells wonderful, the home-made delicacies. An unforgettable pleasure is to savor this cheese spaetzle with this view of the surrounding peaks. Embedded in a dreamlike hiking paradise, the Zellberg Stüberl is a great, energetic power place here in the Zillertal Alps - for the mind as well as for the body.12 zellberg stueberl zillertal kaesespaetzle

Alpin culinary

And how do the cheese spätzle taste?
As a food blogger you go there differently to the verdict. We like to compare ourselves and find some suggestions for improvement here and there.
But I can tell you one thing: I have found my master in Zellberg Stüberl Käsespätzle. Fantastic, tasty and really hearty, this cheese spaetzle with fried onions and fresh chives. I have never eaten better cheese spaetzle to this day. I can not even say what it is. If it is the special place, it lies in the fresh mountain air or at the special cheese mixture with homemade Zillertaler Graukäse...10 zellberg stueberl zillertalFact is: until now it was my best cheese spaetzle. Even Mr. Bag can not keep his hands off my pan - and that happens very rarely with him. Most of the time I'm the one who wants to try everything out and in the end I often like his chosen food better than mine. Quite different in this case.
Whatever it may be. Our verdict is: they are the best cheese spätzle we have ever received.
The grilled sausage was just a grilled sausage, but the spaetzle was a hit. Alone for the Spaetzle because, we will visit the Zellbergstüberl more often in the future.11 zellberg stueberl zillertal kaesespaetzle

Where is the toilette

One moment please. We are not quite finished with our visit to the Zellbergstüberl. After the good meal my walk goes to the toilet. How can one better recognize how well maintained an inn really is, if not at the toilet. The toilet ambience definitely influences the well-being of the guests. A dirty sink, an empty soap dispenser and a towel dispenser that is broken ... all this leaves when visiting the toilet not a good impression and therefore no positive feeling. But let's have a look together, what a feeling the visit of the Zellbergstüberl "Häusls" leaves.
The Madln toilet is being cleaned by a cleaning lady. Since the freshly wiped floor is still wet, the cleaning lady kindly asks me to use the already cleaned toilet. Well, what the hell - so I may now officially explore this for "little boys". Does not happen to me every day. 13 zellberg stueberl zillertal kaesespaetzleI'm a little lucky, you have to admit. Which woman has the luck to go to a freshly cleaned men's guest toilet. Let go, relax, feel good - these are the 3 matching words.
I realize that after freshly cleaned here, my judgment is not quite fair - but for my impression it is very clean, it smells pleasant (and the men's toilet), there is enough soap and toilet paper and on the wall above the freshly cleaned washbasin hangs a mirror. What more do you want? And before you leave the house finally, a wooden plate on the door, which still has to be done ;-). The rating of me for the "men housing" is clearly a thumbs up.14 zellberg stueberl zillertal kaesespaetzleOh yes, I almost forgot: Outside the toilets there is also a wicking table for moms with babies. Very attentive.
The whole Zellberg Stüberl is furnished with a certain personal touch. Many framed photos adorn the walls and the rooms are kept as you would expect from an alpine inn in this area - with a rustic charm. The traditional, cozy character of the house with its warm room let me slip into the romantic time of the old tavern tradition.15 zellberg stueberl zillertal kaesespaetzle16 zellberg stueberl zillertal stube17 zellberg stueberl zillertal stube

The chapel

Stopped by my thoughts, I hurry back to Mr.Bag on the terrace, because we still want to explore the Zellbergstüberl Hauskappele. It is barely 10 minutes away from the car park and rises on a hill. A jewel, which refines the view into the varied landscape. Each chapel hides so much in itself, stories of people, love and happiness, gratitude and humility, faith and hope, protection and contemplation. As you can read on a chalkboard on the chapel wall, the chapel of Gerhard and Andrea Spitaler, the landlords of the "Almstüberl", was built in the summer of 1999 out of gratitude. She is dedicated to the painful Mother Mary. Arriving up here, your heart will open. The gem is lovingly maintained and the visitors are rewarded with a wonderful view. The atmosphere has an incomparable charisma, the environment, the nature, the mountains and above all this tranquility.
All in all, this was an all-round successful trip with a tasty retreat that will surely remain in our memories for a long time.18 zellberg stueberl zillertal stube19 zellberg stueberl zillertal kapelle20 zellberg stueberl zillertal kapelle21 zellberg stueberl zillertal kapelle

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