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Festive feast of pork loin with napkin dumplings at low temperature

Christmas is not just the celebration of love
The festive days are also a culinary delight in the circle of the family.

Love is known to go through the stomach - pork loin with napkin dumplings at low temperature!

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Christmas is the celebration of love - gifts are presented with joy and you enjoy the time in the closest family circle.
Even though I grew up in rather modest circumstances, it was saved all year round by giving up and dividing up to give the family an unforgettable holiday season at Christmas. At Christmas there was also such luxury here as for example chocolate or a wonderful roast. The Christmas season left all the hard time during the year forgotten and you enjoyed things that did not exist during the year, or that you simply could not afford during the year.
Today I want to show you a lighter recipe that is best suited to prepare together with your children. You need few ingredients, the work steps are simple and the roast cooks as it were by itself, but this dish could be shown in every star kitchen.
I present to you today how to transform a roast pork into a festive meal without much effort. The only thing you need for this dish except some ingredients is a great deal of love and plenty of time.1 schweinenackenbraten rezept lucina cucina schweinenacken

„Time is quality and taste“

We will prepare this roast at low temperature, so you will have an unforgettable dining experience. It is not only gentler on the consistency of the meat, better for the taste and a treat for the palate - with this type of cooking you have a minimum meat loss of only about 5%.
The only thing to consider: you need enough time to prepare it. Marinate for 2 days and 12 hours cooking time. So the timing is extremely important in this court. Plan enough preparation time to be able to serve this pleasure at the right time.

PS: If you need help write me an e-mail or in the comments I try to answer you as soon as possible back to answer.


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  for the roast and marinade:
1 piece
pork neck
4 pieces
4 pieces
big carotts
4 pieces
garlic cloves
4 pieces
bay leaves
 2 TL
caraway seed
  1 TL
  1 TL
1 disc celery root 1cm
 5 EL
olive oil
 1 TL
herbal salt
 1/2 TL
1/2 L
dry red wine
a few
Roses of broccoli, caramel and Romanesco florets
(is available as frozen foods)
 6 pieces
old rolls or dumpling bread
 2 Bund
1/2 TL
herbal salt
 1/2 TL
  3 pieces
  1/2 TL
nutmeg grounded
  600 ml
 1 piece
big onion
  parsley, cress and sprig of rosemary
  also you need:
  dutch oven I use Pyrex
  a big soup pot
  big bowl
  a sharp knife
  vegetable peeler
  blender  or mixer
  cling film
  rubber bands
 Lucina´s Tipps:

Consider the long preparation time.
The marinating time of the roast is 2 days, that is 48 hours.

This long cooking time of 12 hours garantees a very gentle preparation and a culinary experience on the palate.
It does not matter if the roast cooks for 12 or 14 hours.

Sauces bind with flour.

Thick gravy is easy with meat dishes but is not always lightly mixed. 

Variante A:
A very classic method of tying sauces is the use of flour. Just take two to three teaspoons of flour and two to three tablespoons of water and stir in a cup. Make sure that the flour does not clump and add the mixture to your sauce and simmer for about three minutes until the sauce binds and reaches the desired consistency.

Variante B:
Roux: melt fat (butter or lard) in a small saucepan. Gradually add flour and stir in the fat. Ideally, the ratio is 3 parts flour and 2 parts fat. Approximately Sweat for 2 to 5 minutes while stirring. Then slowly add a liquid (such as the sauce or water, stock or wine) with stirring and stir the sauce with a whisk until smooth.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 11. day "Marinade"
Peel the 3 onions, finely chop in a grinder and place in a bowl.
Peel the garlic cloves, finely chop them and add to the onion.
Add the 4 bay leaves as a whole.
Add the cumin, rosemary, thyme, herbal salt and pepper in the indicated amount to the onion-garlic mixture.
Pour over the olive oil and mix well with a spoon.

Nummer 22 schweinenackenbraten

Wash the pork neck cold and pat dry with a kitchen roll.
Now lay out a sheet of cling film on the work surface.
Put the roast into a bowl with the marinade and knead the marinade into the meat with both hands.
When the meat is completely covered with marinade, place the roast on the clingfilm.
Spread the remaining marinade over the roast and wrap the roast well in the foil.

To be on the safe side, I always add a second sheet of foil to the roast.
Now put the wrapped meat in the fridge for about 48 hours.
3 schweinenackenbraten4 schweinenacken schweinebraten

Nummer 33. day Sauté and cook
Now that the spices have had 2 days to feed the meat, remove the roast from the fridge.
For about 3 hours can be adapted to the room temperature.5 schweinenackenbratenIn the meantime peel the 3 carrots and chop with a crusher.
Peel and finely chop an onion.
Free the celeriac from the outer shell and make 3 small pieces out of it.
Preheat the oven to about 70 degrees.
6 karottenHeat 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a cast iron pot and sauté the roast for about 2 minutes from all sides.
Remove the meat from the saucepan and keep warm in the oven.
In einem Gusseisentopf 3 EL Olivenöl erhitzen und den Braten für ca. 2 Minuten von allen Seiten scharf anbraten.
Das Fleisch aus dem Topf nehmen und im Backrohr warmhalten.7 schweinenackenbratenPut the sliced carrots and the onion together with the celery in the cast iron saucepan and roast into the meat left over.
The bottom of the pot should now turn brown. These are the roasting aromas and wanted.
Now deglaze the vegetables with a dash of wine and let the wine boil until new roasts form on the bottom.
Stir again with a wooden spoon and scrape the roasted aromas off the ground.
Deglaze again with a dash of wine and repeat this process about 3 to 4 times.8 roststoefe9 gemuese10 gemuese11 gemuese12 gemuesePour in the remaining wine and bring to a boil.
Anyone who wants can now add a cube of gravy and pour some water.
The floor should now be about 1 cm. be covered with liquid.13 gemuese14 gemueseNow take the roast out of the oven, place it in the cast iron pot with the vegetables, cover with lid and leave the pot in the oven for 12 hours at 65 to 70 degrees.
From time to time, you can turn the roast over and over again.15 schweinebraten16 pyrex

Nummer 4Napkin dumpling
As a side dish I recommend a homemade napkin dumpling.
The recipe you can find here


Nummer 5The Sauce
Now take the roast out of the pot and use the liquid with the vegetables in a high-performance mixer (I use Nutribullet) or a blender to make a fine, creamy sauce.
Season with salt and pepper.
At this point, I put the finished sauce in a clean, ovenproof ceramic mold.
In the sauce, I place the roast and put the mold back in the oven to keep everything warm.

Nummer 6

Now cook the remaining carrots and vegetables in a saucepan.

Remove the roast from the oven, cut open and spread on plates.
Cut the napkin dumplings into slices of approx. 1.5 cm and place on the plate.
Garnish the vegetable florets as a garnish and at the end serve the sauce as you like on the plate.

Serve sprinkled with parsley, rosemary and cress.
Good Appetite.

17 schweinenackenbraten schweinebraten lucina cucina18 schweinenacken braten schweinebraten lucina cucina19 schweinenackenbraten lucina cucina20 schweinenackenbraten lucina cucina

If you liked my recipe and pictures, I would appreciate your feedback and comments.
Have fun while copying.

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