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Lindt-Choco-Snow Globes

Snow globes may only be served for Christmas?
I also serve these gems under the year. They simply taste great every day and season!

Easy heavenly - heavenly easy.

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That smells delicious!
As soon as the dough with tender Lindt chocolate and the oriental Garam-Masal spice mixture is in the oven, a pleasant scent spreads in all rooms of our home. Mmmmh, who can resist it? My memories are kissed awake by this fragrance.
On 2.12.2017 I was visiting one of the nicest people I have met so far - with the wonderful Lucia from Switzerland. I got to know them through Instagram, where you can find them under luciasfoodn_things. In their lovingly decorated kitchen I have tried the first time ever such a snow globe cookie.
1 lucia kochen3 schoko schneekugel These were so heavenly (I could not stop snacking) that I decided to bake some this year as well. I started countless attempts until my mix was right. Actually, baking is not art at all, but a real craft. It just depends on the right quantities and ingredients. The true pleasure is often discovered by tasting and experimenting. Through my trial and error, I discovered that these chocolate balls can also taste wonderful with a fruit powder from Frooggis or with Oreo Milka chocolate. In principle, this is always the same dough and yet a different taste.
An aromatic hot cocoa and a little chocolate snowball, that's all it takes to be happy.
At the tasting I immediately got into raptures. I imagined what it would be like to have a snack with my dear Lucia at a wood-burning stove. What would she say to my creations? How they would taste her - all too glad I would like to know this, but even better I would like to embrace her again.
Now for my recipe for dear Lucia, there will be a post later.

haube en
  50 gr
dark Lindt chocolate
50 gr bitter chocolate
 60 gr butter
 50 gr cane sugar
2 pieces
 100 gr flour
 1 1/2 EL
cacao powder
1/2 TL grounded Garam-Masala spice mix
1/2 TL
Dr. Oetker Safran baking powder Backin
1 pinch
Dr.Oetker Bourbon vanilla paste
 1 Prise salt
 30 gr grounded almond
  powder sugar to roll
  also you need:
  oneway handgloves
  baking sheet
  cling film
  hand mixer
  silicon baking paper or normal baking paper
 Lucina´s tips:

Preparation time :   about 40 minutes
Cooling time:          2-12 hours
Baking time:          12 minutes

You can also use these chocolate snow globes in fruit powder, e.g. Strawberry flavor of Frooggies instead of powdered sugar rolling - so get the balls a fruity note.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1Apron around.
Put the chocolate with the butter in a saucepan and melt in a water bath.
Remove from heat and let cool slightly.
1 lindt schoko schnee kugeln3Lindt schoko schnee kugeln4 lindt schoko schnee kugeln5 lindt schoko schnee kugeln(You can also take 100g from Moser Roth - from Hofer 85% cacao chocolate - also this mixture tastes delicious)6 hofer schokolade

Nummer 2Stir the sugar, vanilla paste, cocoa and eggs until foamy and add the chocolate-butter mixture spoonfulwise.7 schoko schnee kugeln8 schoko schnee kugeln9 schoko schnee kugeln10 schoko schnee kugeln11Schoko schnee kugeln

Nummer 3Add the flour, salt, baking powder and garam-masala and stir together with the almonds (if you do not like nuts you can omit the almonds).
Wrap the mass in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. For the hurrying among you it is enough 2 hours.
12 garam masala12 Schoko schnee kugeln

Nummer 4Preheat the oven to 165 ° C the next day
(Note each oven is different).13 schoko schnee kugeln

Nummer 5Spread the baking tray with a silicone mat (or plain baking paper) and make walnut-sized balls from the dough with gloves - many roll it in a lot of sugar at this point - I do not do it - because the result has not satisfied me. The sugar was yellow and sticky.
I roll my balls after baking after about 3 minutes cooling in powdered sugar.

14 schoko schnee kugeln14 fertig schoko schnee kugeln
Here for comparison, the first snow globes, which I have rolled in powdered sugar before baking and those, which I have rolled only after baking in powdered sugar. I use powdered sugar of the
brand Diamant - this is very finely ground and sticks wonderfully to the balls

15 schoko schnee kugeln
16 schoko schnee kugeln
Roll the balls without icing them in powdered sugar at a distance of approx. 2cm onto the baking sheet laid out with silicone baking mat or baking paper.
Bake in the preheated oven for about 12 minutes.

Nummer 6 Allow to cool briefly on the plate and roll in powdered sugar, then let cool completely on a wire rack. And keep in nice boxes.lindt schoko schnee kugeln lucina cucina

If you liked my recipe and pictures, I would appreciate your feedback and comments.
Have fun baking.

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