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Lucina´s wodds blueberry liquer

An intense fruity liqueur creation from healthy blueberries.

Fruits, sugar and alcohol...

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... these are the basic ingredients for liqueurs! In the Middle Ages, liqueur production was reserved for pharmacists only. All the better, if you are allowed to experiment yourself now. I like to make different liqueurs, whether from fruit, herbs or other ingredients such as. Coffee or honey. This year Mother Nature gave us a lot of fruit, herbs and just about everything in abundance. That's why I made two variants of forest blueberry liqueur. The second variant you can read through in the forest-blueberry liqueur.
I love blueberries.
They are not only healthy, they also taste delicious. And the tastiest are the ones from the forest. Blueberries or blueberries have different names and belong to the heather family. The berries have season from July to September. With blueberries you can enjoy delicious cakes, cakes and also bake a love braid for breakfast. They are ideal for making jams, syrups, vinegar, mustard shakes or yogurts. You can even dry them and make a tea or make a blueberry sugar by pulverizing the dried berries. The blue super berries make even beautiful, because blueberries contain vitamin E, which has long been known as a beauty vitamin. Today we make a liqueur together.
Homemade liqueur is not only a luxury for home, it is ideal, filled in pretty bottles, as a gift for example for the Christmas season - that's why I use more and more liqueurs in the summer.

haube en
460 gr
30 gr raspberries
 2 Stück
BIO oranges
 1 piece
sliced vanilla pod
240 gr
brown sugar
 8 gr Bourbon vanilla sugar
 1 piece
cinnamon stick
2 pieces
1 piece
bay leaf
2 dash
 1 Liter
grain 38%
  glas bottle to close
  you also can put in a soon of honey.
 Lucina´s tips:

Use only organic oranges!
The others were sprayed and the shell treated.
We do not want to have these substances in a liqueur!

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1Wash blueberries and raspberries and pat dry.
Then mash something with a potato masher.
Wash the organic oranges neatly in warm water and slice. Only use organic oranges !!!
The other oranges are usually sprayed - and we do not want these substances in our delicious liqueur.
Then mix the grain, rum, sugar candy and the crushed berries, orange slices and spices into a large, lockable jar and mix well.
Close the bottle tightly.
Leave for 2 months in a dark place.
In between, shake everything well again.
(at least once a day)

Nummer 2

After passing through, first pass through a sieve (I use flour sieve because it is so fine), then filter through a cotton cloth or coffee filter.
Fill in a clean bottle, store it in the cellar or feed it immediately.1 blaubeerlikoer2 heidelbeerlikoer

If you liked my recipe and pictures, I would appreciate your feedback and comments.
Have fun while copying.

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