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Tasty apple-hazelnuts pancakes

Tasty apple-hazelnuts pancakes

The world is still in the fog, forests and meadows still dream.
I stand at the stove and make a sensational breakfast for pampering. Autumn will cover the table today ...

A few minutes later the smell of freshly baked, homemade pancakes Mr. Ch. Lends itself to the breakfast table.
Each of you can garnish them as you wish, with or without sauce, with cinnamon sugar, with nutella and a few bits of banana, with homemade plum jam, with honey or maple syrup or maybe you prefer a little whipped cream with fresh fruit as Supplement to be used. Either way - you will love this recipe. It is totally easy and goes really fast. By the way, the hearts I have made with a silicone mirror shape and this is linked to the bottom for you synonymous.Pancakes1

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220 gr
 30 gr
8 gr
Vanilla sugar
1 Pckg
baking powder
pinch salt
2 piece
240 ml
60 gr
smelt butter
1  piece
30 g cut and roasted hazelnuts
   for decoration:
  Cinnamon und sugar
  mapple syrup
  frozen woodfruits
  and all you like
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 Lucina´s tips:

The great thing about the pancakes is, they can be combined at will with everything you like.
If the dough becomes too liquid through the apple, add a little more flour.

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I did it that way:

Nummer 1

First, mix the dry ingredients, ie flour, nuts, sugar and baking powder.Nummer 2Beat eggs and milk separately.
Slowly add the flour mixture and stir.
Finally add the melted butter. Nummer 3Peel the apple, finely grate and mix.Nummer 4In a coated pan without fat! each about a tablespoon of dough to form a pancake.
As soon as the batter bubbles, turn the pancakes and fry in a medium heat from both sides.
Nummer 5Depending on the taste classic with cinnamon and sugar and pomegranate cores or with pureed forestry.

Nummer 6Also raspberries are absolutely delicious.
Fry the fruit, mash it and sift through a fine sieve.
With honey or sugar sweet - finished.
Pancakes2If you know a good autumn breakfast recipe, leave me a comment.
If you liked my pankakes, I'm looking forward to a feedback!

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