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Hearty dried bean goulash soup

Hearty dried bean goulash soup

Season with salt and pepper, mix well and simmer gently until the beans and potatoes are cooked.
I do not bind it with flour, but who wants to thicken the soup can do it gladly.

Spicy and warm: this rustic dish will fill you up.

Canned beans were yesterday. Today we are preparing something from dry beans. With us on the mountain is still snow and although it was early spring, everything is still well covered under a blanket of snow.1 kuehtei tirol berge lucinaslife alpen montain kuehtei see Last year at this time, we had already totally warm temperatures and I was eagerly at the Garteln - also breakfast we could already enjoy the outdoors on the terrace.2 haimingerberg hausegg ferienwohnungen landleben tirol austria tyrol lucinaslife lucinacucina garten ostern fruehling spring Everything is different this year. But even snow does not stop us from walking outdoors and catching the first real sunbeams.3 haimingerberg hausegg haiminge lucinaslife lucinacucina tirol alpen mountainsAs it is still pretty cold in our height, yesterday I cooked a warm, rustic bean goulash soup. You can vegan or, like me, prepare hearty. With the vegan variant you just leave the meat aside. My dried beans, which I used for this soup, come from the previous harvest of my garden.4 haimingerberg hausegg ferienwohnung garten bohnen selbstversorger landleben country tyrol berge bauern lucinaslife lucinacucina For dry beans, it is very important to let them soak in the water for half a day. They simply come overnight with plenty of water in a bowl and are kept covered in the refrigerator - the longer the soak time, the better the result when cooking. In addition, I used a piece of meat smoked by my brother or better said rib bone - I must proudly tell you that he has smoked it himself mhhhh this wonderful fragrance. Thank you little brother.5 selbstversorger gerauchertesfleisch tirol austrianfood landrezept lucinacucina lucinaslife swarovsky kristalwelten
Beans are a great addition to your diet. They contain many antioxidants, vitamins and ballasts. They are very nutritious and very low in fat. The cooking time of beans depends on the type of beans and the age of the legumes. The storage also influences the cooking time. Beans should always be stored light- and airtight, otherwise the cooking time will be longer. In this recipe, I have used so-called pinto beans, or quail beans called.6 lucinacucina trockenbohnen pintobohnen bohnenrezept selbstversorger bohnenanbau austria huelsenfruechte Pinto is Spanish and means "painted", which refers to the beautiful painting of the beans. However, the characteristic appearance with the colored dots disappears after cooking and turns to a pale pink or reddish brown. In addition to many proteins and fiber, they also get iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which makes them very filling. The beans are also good source of minerals, copper, zinc and vitamins K, E and C. Pinto beans contain very little fat, no gluten and no cholesterol.

haube en
300 g
5 pieces
small potatoes
 1 piece
red onion
 1 pieces
yellow onion
2 EL
Zirbenoil oder herbal oil
 3-4 pieces
bay leafs
 2 EL
sweet paprika powder
pinch ground caraway
  White wine vinegar
 200 g bacon
   smoked meat or bone for taste
pinch  salt and pepper
Priese majoram
  sour cream for serving
  vegetables or beef broth
 Lucina´s tips:

If you are afraid of bloating, you can add a little caraway or soda to the soup.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1First wash the dried pinto beans in a colander under cold water.

Nummer 2
Take a big pot and cover the beans with water.
Put the lid on it and let the beans about 8 hours, I always do it overnight, soak.
They will at least double their size after expired time. 7 bohnen einweichen lucinacucina trockenbohen rezeptI always use the soaking water, as there are many minerals in this water that would otherwise be lost.
If you are afraid of flatulence - give it to the cumin or you add a little bit of soda to the soup.

Nummer 3
Bring the beans to a boil, skim off any foam. 8 lucinacucina bohnensuppe trockenbohnen rezepte pintobohnen

Nummer 4In the meantime, peel potatoes and cut to size.9 kartoffel lucinacucina bohnensuppe rezept pintobohnen tirol landleben selbstversorger
Peel both onions and finely chop. Heat the pine oil with herbs in the pan and fry the onions lightly.10 bohnensuppe  rezept lucinacucina zirbenöl landrezept deftigerezept
Peel both onions and finely chop. Heat the pine oil with herbs in the Add paprika powder and roast briefly.
Then deglaze with a dash of vinegar and pour in a little souppan and fry the onions lightly. 11 bohnensuppe rezepte lucinacucina trockenbohnen paprikapulverAdd to the soup.

Nummer 5
 Turn back the cooking plate, vlt. in half. Add bay leaves, potatoes, spices and smoked meat or bone. (Omit this point for vegans)12 lucinacucina bohnensuppe rezept trockenbohnen speck landrezept bauernrezept rustikalesrezept

Nummer 6
Kurz vor dem Servieren den Speck nur leicht anbraten und zusammen mit Sauerrahm servieren

Have fun to cook it !


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