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06 October 2017 | Category: recently on our plate Comment count: 0 Lucina

It's time. Now let us taste the delicacies of the season like pears, apples, zucchini, pumpkin and onion from our garden. I love to cook with seasonal products and even when they come out of my own garden.

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29 September 2017 | Category: Love valentine mothersday Comment count: 0 Lucina

What is more beautiful than to be gently awakened by a loved one in the morning?
And who does not like to sit down on a covered breakfast table and be pampered?
A fast breakfast with tender love greetings ....

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24 September 2017 | Category: Love valentine mothersday Comment count: 0 Lucina

The world is still in the fog, forests and meadows still dream.
I stand at the stove and make a sensational breakfast for pampering. Autumn will cover the table today ...

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21 September 2017 | Category: Sweet & dessert Comment count: 0 Lucina

The autumn is here!
When the autumn dives the landscape into its enchanting light and the nature shines in the beautiful colors, like fiery red, rich orange and noble violet, the smell of mushrooms through woods and everything looks as painted, then the perfect time for autumn biscuits.

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16 September 2017 | Category: events Comment count: 0 Lucina

So my dear, here comes finally the promised review to our Afba weekend in Vösendorf. Exactly two weeks ago it was now that we were invited in Lower Austria to announce the shortlist nomination of Miele.

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09 September 2017 | Category: country pharmacy Comment count: 0 Lucina

Since I am currently very sick, I decided to write a contribution to the topic of colds and home remedies. These tips have been passed on to us in the family for generations. I hope they will help you too. But before we clarify, how it comes to colds and above all, how to prevent clever.

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07 September 2017 | Category: Vegetables healthy smoothies Comment count: 0 Lucina

There were many questions about these splendidly colroful icecubes, sice i have published my post "this is pure luxury". Now here is the recipe.
It is a wonderful way to preserve the colors and the taste of the summer for winter time.

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01 September 2017 | Category: country life Comment count: 0 Lucina

Who does not want to have a cake piece of the luxury pie?
A good life - how and wherever - is pure luxury. What good life is, however, there are different definitions. But how does country life fit into luxury?

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28 August 2017 | Category: country life Comment count: 0 Lucina

Success is like hay.
A blade of grass is only a blade of grass. But many blades of grass, combined with some work, produce hay. This is also the case with success. Many small acts lead to success in combination with some diligence.

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22 August 2017 | Category: Homemade & cooked Comment count: 0 Lucina

Even the Romans used lavender to make fragrant bath essences.
That is why the name Lavendula derives from the Latin word "lavare". However, we use this plant today to produce a wholesome, colorful syrup.

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07 August 2017 | Category: Love valentine mothersday Comment count: 0 Lucina

The mood is rising - rosy times begin!
The rose - the queen of flowers. Her beauty and her aromas not only pamper her eyes and nose, but also spoils her palate in her exquisite cuisine.
Duchess Rosa Lavela - my cake as a tribute to the flower of love.

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01 August 2017 | Category: about me Comment count: 0 Lucina

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06 July 2017 | Category: Vegetables healthy smoothies Comment count: 0 Lucina

A very simple combination for the big performance.
This smoothie is a true mood lightener and beauty for the skin.
The natural vanillin that is found in the pineapple acts as a stimulant.

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05 July 2017 | Category: Vegetables healthy smoothies Comment count: 0 Lucina


Who would not like to bite into a radish grown in their own garden?
I'm lucky enough to have my own kitchen garden. This provides me with fresh ingredients, of which I certainly know where they come from or how they were processed, so that BIO is really BIO!

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27 May 2017 | Category: Homemade & cooked Comment count: 0 Lucina

"Your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food" Paracelsus

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19 May 2017 | Category: Sweet & dessert Comment count: 0 Lucina

Watch out guzzlers!!
My new dessert creation, my Irish Coffee Cream is worth a sin!

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13 May 2017 | Category: Drinks Comment count: 0 Lucina

Swept Coffee Time
Actually, Irish Coffee is thought more for colder days , but while  summer is just a little in wait, I thought, you can drink it quietly now ;-)

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10 May 2017 | Category: Homemade & cooked Comment count: 1 Lucina

Coffee on bread? Yes, that's it!
Do you also want to enjoy your coffee differently and are now looking for refined coffee recipes? Then you are right here.

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19 March 2017 | Category: about me Comment count: 0 Lucina

Be welcome on my blog and just pimp out what you like!

This site is in mantainance!


19 March 2017 | Category: about me Comment count: 1 Lucina

Be welcome on my blog and just pimp out what you like!

All the rumors about me are true! .... and in fact I am much worse!
You laugh at me because I am different, I laugh at you because you are all equal!

Who is Lucina Cucina?
I´m Lucia Plankova alias Lucina. is my realm where I am passionate about cooking and photography .... I write about things I love, who move me, meet me, I deal with and inspire me. My blog is still quite, very fresh - it has been online since 1.4.2017 and I run it with my friend myself. We love to live and explore the world and of course also we love to eat. Our blog is very versatile and interesting, as well as our lives and our likes are. I was always a passionate, imaginative, creative person who was interested in everything. The joy of contact and my way of being cosmopolitan are also reflected in my recipes.
lucina1Originally, I come from Slovakia from a very small town called Krasno. I've always been a city man, I've lived in many different big cities, and I've had a lot of experience. A long time ago I studied at the Pedagogical and Social Academy and my dream was always to be a doctor for people. That is why I have strictly pursued my goal and have moved to Innsbruck / Östrreich. At first as a Slovak child-girl without a knowledge of German, in order to become powerful in the German language.
However, unlike planned, life had provided for me a different way. lucina3

To put it briefly: I have for a while a small, modest Beauty & Health Center in Innsbruck's old town, which gave me the wonderful feeling of being happy and fulfilled. But this happiness was not of long duration. Through two heavy destiny events everything changed in my life. (The whole story you can read shortly in my book ;-)) Now I live not in the city, but in a small rural hamlet consisting of just 4 families in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains at 1400 meters above sea level. The stark contrast to before, however, this peace, the country life, the animal world, the view into the valley, the great, peasant neighbors ...... all this I would not miss any more.

What is
gemeinsamI am an enthusiastic hobby cook and I share with my friend the love for cooking, eating and photographing. We love fresh, high quality food and good homemade food. We appreciate the hospitality and the jointly celebrated food and drink culture. Here you can find our recipe creations, illustrated mostly with many photos, everything delicious. If you are an enthusiast who loves to experiment, a notorious health and well-being or a person who loves good food, we will be happy if you´ll share your passion for good food with us.
Some of our recipes are traditional dishes, but we also like to be creative and cook with what is right there. Our recipes should serve as inspiration and should not be strictly adhered to.

"Creativity and fun in the kitchen is the most important thing"

I would like to motivate and inspire my readers, instead of giving them fixed guidelines. Give yourself enough room to vary the recipes according to your own ideas, according to your own taste - this blog should motivate you.
I also tackle topics about fruits & vegetables, cooking, baking, drinks, spices .... An important aspect for me is the origin of the food. Bio does not have to be, the regionality is clearly worth for me. In the case of animal food such as eggs, milk and meat, however, I only buy bio. I love being creative in the kitchen, trying out new recipes or creating ones. My recipes are usually uncomplicated and easy to copy.

Give me Feedback!brieftaube
For me it´s very important to be in contact with my readers and other bloggers. I especially like that my readership is already very international. That is exactly why there are three languages ​​on my blog - you can always choose between German, English and my mother tongue Slovakian. The international, English side is intended for our foreign friends.
Trilingualism means not only triple effort, but triple receipt of messages, so I ask you for understanding, if your mail i´ll not be replied promptly.
However, I process every mail by myself and personally. So forgive me, if it will take sometimes more time for your personal Lucina-Cucina-racing pigeon to find you. 
A journey of discovery for you, with the aim of stimulating all the senses,
to jointly establish,
that cooking can be really make fun and happy.